365 Blessed – 132 – 22nd October

Traveler DC 140 Traveler DC 140

Today I was blessed to see Eva’s creativity in action at the Annual Junior School Flower Show.  I was blessed to see her so proud of her vegetable elephant and flower saucer.

We were blessed to speak to Daddy, Nanny & Grandpa and Gran & Pop on Skype to show off Eva’s talents.

I was blessed to see the excitement of new toy library toys and of Hugo enjoying a return to kindy.

365 Blessed – 131 – 21st October

Photo on 21-10-14 at 18.02

Today I feel blessed by this resilient girl who was unwell with asthma, a runny nose and a fever overnight but has improved so much since the fever broke at 3am!  I feel blessed that she is so strong, despite her early start, that we don’t even have to fear hospital admissions with such days.

I feel blessed for a slow day with freezer emergency meals when I was so tired.

I feel blessed by Eva’s enthusiasm for making a vegetable critter this evening.

365 Blessed – 129 – 19th October

Today we were blessed by a morning at small group where we found a deeper connection with another couple in the group.

I was blessed that Andrew took the children to the school playground on their scooters in the sunshine and they all loved it.

 I was blessed by a clean and tidy house when I came home from work with all toys away and dishes done and put away!  I felt very spoilt.

365 Blessed – 127 – 17th October


Today I feel blessed by Eva’s joy at giving a shoebox of fun things for Operation Christmas Child.


I feel blessed that Hugo enjoyed swimming today instead of screaming during the lesson (like yesterday!).  He talked about Rachael during the day so he must think that she’s special!


I feel blessed by a yummy cheesecake to compliment my homemade coffee enjoy during a quiet time while Hugo had a sleep.


I feel super blessed by this gorgeous boy who ran inside with freshly picked flowers for me this afternoon.  What a romantic!