365 Blessed – 50 -22nd July


Today I feel blessed that Hugo enjoyed starting at a new kindy and enjoying himself.  Of course he headed straight to the vehicles to play with and loved playing outside.  He even did artwork on his first day!

I felt blessed to have some time without children today even though I was doing chores I could do have whatever music I wanted in the car and no-one asked what’s happening or told me they were hungry for just a brief time.

365 Blessed – 46 – 18th July


Today I was blessed to have a positive dental clinic visit with Eva and Hugo.  Eva is a dream and loves having the examination. Hugo’s teeth were viewed at high-speed on the odd occasions that he opened his mouth!


I was blessed to take the children on an adventure to the city to visit Daddy at work using the train which Hugo especially was so excited about.


We were blessed to have this delicious birthday cake for Daddy (several days late due to illness and work travel).  Luckily the rest can be frozen and enjoyed!

365 Blessed – 43 – 15th July

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Watching the Kea's get to their food

Watching the Kea’s get to their food


Attempting to remember the day with a reluctant Hugo


Everyone’s Looking!


Today the most amazing blessing was sunshine! Although I did want to go up to the people I saw in tshirts and shorts today and remind that it was actually only 14.

Today we were blessed by a day at the Zoo visiting lots of animals, participating in the treasure hunt, feeding Zabulu the Giraffe, listening to the keepers at the Macau and Kea exhibits all while enjoying lots of sunshine and being in no rush.

365 Blessed – 42 – 14th July



Today we were blessed to go scootering to the library and then come back on the bus which was challenging as always with Hugo the speed demon but we survived.


Tonight I was blessed to have a keen sous chef to help me cook Daddy’s Birthday Dinner.  Unfortunately Andrew was in bed unwell for his birthday so we have delayed celebrating with a cake until later in the week.

365 Blessed – 41 – 13th July


Today we blessed Andrew with an early birthday breakfast in bed seeing as we have more time on a Sunday to enjoy such things.


Today we were blessed with a fantastic church service, lunch at a winery followed by a relaxing afternoon where these two cuddled in the sunshine (rare for this week).


I am blessed by this delicious and simple evening meal shared at the coffee table after a weekend of eating and celebrating Andrew’s birthday.