365 Blessed – 88 – 29th August


Cuddling a sleeping Hugo in the interval




Today I feel blessed to have watched Eva perform, as a butterfly, in the school musical, Noah.  After lots of anxiety she was there right up the front doing all the actions.  No headpiece but her wings looked beautiful.

I feel blessed that Hugo calmly feel asleep right at the start and stayed asleep the whole performance.

I am blessed that it’s Andrew’s turn for tomorrow night’s performance!



365 Blessed – 87 – 28th August


Eva and Mama, Queenstown June 2014

Today I feel blessed to be mothering this beautiful girl who feels so passionately about things and is sometimes like looking in a mirror…..

I feel blessed that she wanted lots of cuddles from me this afternoon/evening as she coped with a day of rehearsals for Noah the school musical instead of a day at school.  SO MUCH CHANGE for her and so many tears this evening.

365 Blessed – 85 – 26th August

tues-2 tues-1

Today I feel blessed by the sunshine that makes me feel warm and content to have washing getting dry!

I am blessed to be home to good food and children enjoying playing with trains and chalk.

I feel blessed that Hugo’s kindy teacher told me that he was sad when I left because “you have done such amazing job and he just loves you”.


365 Blessed – 84 – 25th August

Today I feel blessed to be back in Auckland this evening.


The children were blessed that the SPCA Cupcake Day had a stall just where we were walking at lunchtime!


I felt blessed watching these two play together with a spinning cup at (yet another) Wellington playground.


I was blessed to watch Eva and Hugo become more confident with each crossing of this bridge.

I was blessed to meet Andrew at the end of his working day ready to travel back with him sitting next to the children on the plane and me finishing a great novel.

365 Blessed – 83 – 24th August


Today we were blessed to catch the Wellington Cable Car up to the Wellington Botanical Gardens to enjoy the gardens, the view and the playground.



We visited Parliament House (just looked from the outside).

I was blessed to sit quietly and enjoy a pot of warming tea and some book reading.


This evening I was blessed to find a wood fire oven pizza restaurant which was so warm and toasty and made me feel defrosted for the first time today!

We enjoyed seeing a light festival display along the waterfront.