365 Blessed – 316 – 25th April

Today I feel blessed by a birthday party to celebrate a cute 2 year old where my children enjoyed yummy food and lots of play.


We feel blessed by the opportunity to watch the dawn service from Gallipoli telecast onto the side of the Auckland War Memorial Museum this evening.  For Andrew and I they are vivid memories of our time there 14 years ago (when we met).

365 Blessed – 315 – 24th April


Today I feel blessed to be a part of the celebration (from afar) of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my parents, Kaye and Grant.

I feel blessed by the example of sticking together through challenges and joys.

I feel blessed that my Aunty Jude was able to celebrate with them (seeing as their daughters were both absent!).


I feel blessed by the delivery of a gift of thanks from Bellyful as I finish my last day volunteering with the organisation.

I feel blessed by what I have gained from Bellyful and also blessed by the fresh start that comes from moving on.

I feel so blessed by a husband who ordered takeaway without consultation knowing how busy my week had been.

365 Blessed – 313 – 22nd April

Today I felt blessed my a great ski lesson with an instructor who was super helpful for both Eva and I.  A nice positive way to start term 2.

We felt super blessed to find a fantastic homeschool playgroup at a local play centre with an amazing sandpit, trees to climbs, cool swings, power drills to use and lots more.

22-1I felt blessed to see the joy that surprise cupcakes after dinner gave these two.


I felt blessed by kind words spoken over me at my final meeting with my Bellyful volunteers.

365 Blessed – 312 – 21st April


Today I felt blessed to be back to one on one time with Eva seeing her story writing about our camper van and the time taken in the details of the picture!


I felt blessed by a friend who turned up with ingredients and taught Eva to make a Portuguese fish dish today.

I felt blessed by Eva enjoying her yoga this afternoon.

365 Blessed – 311 – 20th April


Today I feel blessed by Hugo posing with a portrait of himself by Eva early this morning. I think the teeth match well.


I feel blessed by a morning at SPACE with other mums sharing plans for the term.

I feel blessed by a yummy takeaway cake at home with a book while quiet play happened.


I feel blessed by a gorgeous pink and purple sunset this evening that captured our attention and made us stop to appreciate.

365 Blessed – 309 – 18th April


We feel blessed to see this gorgeous rainbow outside our home this morning.  I love how many rainbows appear in Auckland at this time of year.


Today we feel blessed to see this newly emerged butterfly drying out in the sun and then flying away over our heads.

I feel blessed by a clothes shopping for children with the assistance of Andrew.  It was helpful to have another adult to offer options and it was helpful to have children who agree to clothes to wear this season.

We feel blessed by a council hard refuse collection when the stuff that we put out lasted there not a minute. So much entertainment watching people going past all day!


We feel blessed by a new car for our family.

365 Blessed – 308 – 17th April


Today I feel blessed by Gabby who took Eva and Hugo on an adventure to MOTAT today.

I feel blessed by a lovely quiet visit to the hairdresser.

I feel blessed to see our second butterfly newly emerged from the chrysalis late this afternoon.  I feel blessed to see the excitement of the children when they realised that the butterfly had emerged.

365 Blessed – 307 – 16th April


Today I feel blessed by a lovely friend who gifted us eggs from her own chickens and also stayed with my cherubs for the day while I had a couple of meetings.


I feel blessed by Andrew who had the vision to buy lots of Lego second hand many years ago.  Now it is used by the two of them to create throughout the day.

I feel blessed by an evening of chatting with Andrew over takeaway dinner and wine.