A 27 week update

Today I had an appointment at the Mercy with Dr Ras.  He was so happy with my progress and that I am the most pregnant that I have ever been.

The baby is measuring well and the heartbeat was strong.  I have an ultrasound booked at 32 weeks to check the placenta which will help with deciding on future plans.  He wasn’t too positive about it moving but I am remaining positive that is has moved up higher.

It seems that I am now experiencing the joys of later pregnancy all things that Dr Ras said are just part and parcel of the journey.  Numbness under my ribcage as my ribs expand, pubic bone pain as the bones separate in preparation for birth and of course continuing carpel tunnel.  The carpel tunnel does seem to be much worse overnight with humidity so here’s hoping for a lot more dry weather coming up so that I can sleep.

My next appointment is in 2 weeks which will include a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) another experience which will be new for me.

Since passing Eva’s gestation I have been beginning to wonder if I will make it to full term (not having let myself believe that before).  Today Dr Ras reminded me that the stitch isn’t perfect and that I still need to be taking it easy.  I just have to be patient and wait and see when this baby decides to make an appearance.


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