30 weeks

We have now arrived at the 30 week mark for this pregnancy.  It seems momentous to be in the 30’s at least.  It seems strange to think that I may have 10 more weeks of being pregnant in front of me.

28 Weeks Here

Last week I had another visit at the hospital where everything was reported as being just fine.  The baby is measuring ahead and is already estimated twice Eva’s birth weight.  It’s hard to visualise a baby bigger than Eva inside.  I haven’t heard back from my glucose tolerance test so I am hoping that it was all ok.

Next visit is on Tuesday followed by an ultrasound on the following Wednesday so by about 33 weeks I imagine we will have a plan for when the stitch is going to come out.  The removal may send me into labour or it may not.

Since last writing I have started prenatal yoga which I am really enjoying.  It is lovely and relaxing and feels so good to stretch correctly.  The teacher is very calming and willing to show me any different stretches that will help.  Last week I did feel like the Grandma of the class at 30 weeks compared to the 16-20 week other participants!

Also I have been to see a Woman’s Health Physiotherapist about my Pelvic Pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).  Since implementing some new strategies I am feeling much more comfortable and more stable.  The physio explained that the stretching of the symphysis pubis ligament means that my pelvis is unstable with moving forward/backward, up/down and side/side which would explain why I get so much pain.  With new techniques for getting up and down and in and out of bed and daily ice application it seems to be manageable.  The physio encouraged me to wear the support belt as much as needed.  Walking is a slow process but I am really enjoying Aqua Aerobics for some exercise.

On a positive note the cooler weather (ie the lack of Summer in Melbourne) has lead to an improvement in the Carpel Tunnel pain at night.  I only wake up to sore hands a couple of times a week now.

Overall I am feeling pretty good right now.  I am wondering whether I should be washing little clothes and packing a hospital bag but it all seems to far away still.  Maybe it’s a job for this weekend just to be prepared!

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