A visit from Nanny and Grandpa

We were lucky enough to have Nanny & Grandpa (aka my parents) visiting from Canberra in February.  Eva was very spoilt with their love and attention for the week of their visit and so enjoyed every moment of their company.

Eva especially loved all of the outside time that she got with them.  Eva was quick to learn that Grandpa was out there just to play with her, that is he didn’t try to do any other jobs at the same time like the rest of us.  Eva had him pushing her in the car and chasing the ball. Also Grandpa taught her about having a Babychino at the local cafe!

We had a very relaxed lunch catching up with all Grandparents in the one place.  Eva is very blessed to have all of her Grandparents to dote upon her.  At this lunch she actually had 8 adults to follow after her as she requested them to “Walk” whilst holding her finger out.

Eva just loved going into their bed first thing in the morning (after calling out to Nanny not Mummy upon waking) and having some playtime in the early morning.

Eva did enjoy some downtime in front of playschool on the T.V. and computer with Nanny and Grandpa.  They all needed rest times after such bustling activities during the day.

We all had a busy week as I tried to fit in as many appointments as I could whilst I had babysitters, Andrew was busy at work, Dad stained our driveway gates and Nanny looked after the household.  How wonderful to be sent to the lounge instead of doing dishes!  We were very spoilt.  Mum and Dad went home for a rest.

Just to keep them on their toes at home Dad adopted a kitten while they were here. He met this kitten at my cousin Emma’s house as she was fostering him for the RSPCA.  So now they have a busy “toddler” getting into mischief at their house.  At least they can lock their “toddler” in the laundry for parts of the day!


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