A visit to the Zoo

Last Saturday we had a family adventure to the Zoo.  It was Eva’s first visit to a Zoo and she seemed to enjoy seeing the animals although some were harder to spot than others.  She kept asking for “more animals” so she definitely had the concept of what’s at the Zoo.

It was the last warm day of Summer so we headed off early and went in as the gates opened.  It was lovely as we started to explore the animals without too many crowds.  Eva was very good and spent time in the Boba with Daddy or walking with her ladybird.  She did have some freetime during lunch at the playground.

Eva watched Tree Kangaroos come down to eat their breakfast and Baboons racing around their enclosure.  Then a gibbon who came right up to the window to say “Hello” so that Eva could “touch” his feet.







We watched the tall giraffes and stripy Zebras eating.

Daddy and Eva ran with the Emus and checked out the sunbathing Kangaroos.










We saw the two baby elephants out for a walk and a play.

We saw Lions pacing and sleeping and Eva’s favourite of the day with the Brown Bear.  I think because she could clearly see him and he moved around a lot.  We went back to him twice as an Eva request.

Eva enjoyed watching the Turtles, Seals and Penguins swimming in water that looked inviting given the increasing heat.

We watched the Tigers eating lunch and visited the lovely Butterfly House which I thought that Eva would enjoy but she didn’t really notice them.  I really enjoyed the Butterflies.

Overall we had a great time but were all pleased to get home for a rest.  Andrew and I came away not sure if we really like the concept of a Zoo where the animals are so far from their native environment.  It is very pleasing to see that lots of effort has been made to make most of the exhibits more like the correct environment.  However it is hard to see them trapped when we have seen how much space they have to explore in the wild.  It is of course beneficial for Eva to see these animals in real life and the breeding programs that they have to try to avoid extinction are fantastic.


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