Little Clothes

Last weekend we had the beautiful sight of little clothes and baby linen on the washing line.  Going through the boxes of Eva’s clothes gave me mixed emotions.  There are all sorts of memories attached to those tiny clothes but it was amazing to see that this baby is already too big for lots of premature baby clothes!  What a joy that is.  It was hard to know what size to get out but I figured that it was better to be safe than sorry.

The time is getting closer to being able to bring this small person home after birth instead of leaving them in a plastic box to be cared for by others.  I still just have to be patient and wait for more days to pass.

Today I had another follow-up appointment at the hospital where everything seemed good.  Dr Ras had a quick look at my cervix, which remains long and closed which is great news.  I just have to stay well to see him in a fortnight for us to make a plan.

Also today I met with a midwife for the first time this pregnancy.  She gave me lots of information about my hospital stay ie what to bring, who can visit and when etc.  Also she gave me information about vitamin K and Hepatitis B for the baby, which Andrew and I need to discuss and bring along the signed consent form.  She was lovely and was excited that I was so far ahead of Eva’s gestation.

I have now had several opportunities to see from the outside this little person moving within me not just to feel it.  It’s a strange sensation. It must get very crowded in there these days.  My stomach is definitely struggling with space.  I am finding myself limiting my food, which as most of you will know is unusual for me.

We are looking forward to next week’s ultrasound to have some more ideas of progress inside.  We can then start formulating questions before the following week’s doctor visit.  It all seems close but maybe still so far away.




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