33 Weeks Today

Day 2 of this hospital stay sees me remaining on bed rest and hoping for no further bleeding.  It is such a relief to have not had any bleeding since noon yesterday.

There is no specific pattern to this bleeding it just depends.  Because of the placenta size and position it is likely to bleed and it could be big or small. A large bleed could threaten mine and baby’s lives.

Thus I will definitely be in hospital for the long haul until this baby escapes.  They hope to get me to 36-37 weeks. I found out today that they will have to cut through the placenta for the caesarean as it is on the front side of my uterus.

As the placenta is my blood supply, any bleeds do not directly threaten the baby’s blood supply. I need to stay on my vitamins and will go on a stronger iron supplement. At some stage I will be seen by the anaethetist and neonatologist (for baby).

Some good news is that I can avoid one lot of antibiotics at birth as the baby will not come into contact with my group b strep bug. Yeah.

Eva and Andrew will visit this afternoon.  I wonder how this separation will affect her especially in relation to the baby post arrival.

The lady that I am sharing with was here for 40 days with a non bleeding placenta previa and now has a 5 day old baby boy born at 38 weeks about the size of our baby now. It has reminded me of how little sleep those new-born nights entail! Amoungst the waking baby I did ave a bad dream but felt much better afterwards with the release of emotions and listening to my music.

Thank you for the lovely kind thoughts and prayers sent our way.  We all appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “33 Weeks Today

  1. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. I am particularly thinking of Eva, being separated from Mummy for what could be a fair while compared to just a regular hospital visit for straight forward birth. At this rate your new bub could end up with the same birthday as ours…
    I also hope you get lots of benefit out of a stint of bed rest before you have newborn plus toddler to look after.
    Keep us posted.
    Catherine, Glenn and Felicity

  2. Hang in there Marnie, Andrew & Eva. We are all thinking and praying for you. The Mercy is a great hospital and I feel confident you will receive great treatment and support.
    Lots of Love Vanessa, Darren, Xavier & Henri xoxo

  3. Hey Marnie,

    Congrats on making it thus far. As you keep saying, this baby is already bigger than Eva when you brought her home.

    I am praying for many more weeks in Mummy’s warm, comfy womb, but I know whenever s/he decides to come into the world, you will have great care. And you, Andrew and Eva will love and enjoy your new person.

    I am praying that your condition remains stable!!

    All my love, thoughts and prayers,
    Gubby 🙂

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