Walking Around Today

Still here and still resting.  Today I was given the go ahead to walk around the ward thus leaving my bed rest which was a nice change.  Although the rest must be doing me good as my pubic pain and carpel tunnel have improved.

The new mum next to me was discharged today so I was able to move to the window bed.  Although my view isn’t anything stunning it’s nice to have natural light.  I even sat up in a chair to eat meals while watching the passing parade downstairs.

I have seen the anaesthetist to sign the consent for the anaesthetic for the caesarean.   She was very good at answering all my questions. It seems it only takes a short while for anyone to ask if I am in the medical field!

My medical review today was quick with there being no changes.  Apparently this bleeding is so unpredictable and causes are mostly unknown.  Normal pregnancy Braxton Hicks contractions preparing the uterus for birth, the baby putting pressure on it are some various theories.  I have had a full dose of steroids to strengthen the baby’s lungs and have started iron tablets.

Andrew has been a fantastic Mr Mum and enjoyed getting everything ready for a holiday at Gran and Pop’s.  Everytime I ask him something he has already done it!  Eva is happy and content to be with people who love her and isn’t distressed about Mummy’s absence.  Eva has been great about visiting me with lots of calm sitting and no worry about mummy except the bandage covering my iv access.  I miss her lots and it’s sad for her to go home after visiting.

I have had several friends point out that I should be enjoying this guilt free time of no cooking, no cleaning, no dishes and a blatant excuse to rest.  And I am enjoying all of these aspects!


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