Day 1 Monday 21st March

Hugo Robert arrived at 9.34am and went into the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at 10.10am with his Daddy watching over him.  His vital stats are weight 2355g (5lb 3oz), length 47cm and head circumference 31.5cm.


In transit from Theatre to NICU - Andrew's First Glance


Hugo was drowsy from the general anaesthetic that I had to have to get him out.  Thus he was on CPAP (a breathing mask) to help him to breathe until 7.30pm.  Later in the night he had some jaundice for which he enjoyed sunbathing under the lights to get his skin back to pink again.

Hugo had an Intravenous Line put in his hand and as a precaution commenced IV antibiotics until all bug screens come back as normal.

Andrew had been sitting with Hugo for two hours wondering how I was and only being told that the caesarean had gone well. He kept asking about me and eventually the nurse called down to check and I was almost ready to come up and meet Hugo. We had not talked about whether he should let our parents know Hugo had arrived but Andrew wanted me to find out that we had a son named Hugo Robert first before calling them.

The midwife collected me at 12 from recovery and took me straight to see my baby (I didn’t know the baby’s gender).  I was delighted to see a relieved and beaming husband next to a humidicrib with a beautiful little boy inside.  The porter moved me close enough to put my two hands inside to touch him.  It was lovely but I really was a bit too drowsy to appreciate the moment.  I was just so relieved to have a healthy boy after the past few hours of uncertainty.

Our first joy back on the ward was to phone our parents and share with them the good news.  They had all been pacing the floors since knowing I had to go to theatre early this morning so it was a bit of a wait for them.  Of course all grandparents were delighted and relieved to hear the good news that we were both doing well.

Back on the ward the midwife was fantastic giving me a lovely wash and settling me in clean linen.  She even did the first lot of breast expressing for me to get my milk supply going.  Most of the day was just people checking my observations, wound, pain level and giving me pain relief.  It was quite a blur.  I had a morphine drip which kept me very drowsy on top of the fact that I didn’t sleep the night before.  I also had a drip with syntocin (synthetic hormone) to reduce my uterus size and avoid excess bleeding.

Today we realised that I beat 5 other close friends and family all due before me.  I guess I like to win these races!

Eva has had a fever over the weekend so we are not allowed to bring her into the NICU for the first 48 hours.  She has however come to see me today, which really brightened my day and made me feel happy.  She was a little concerned about the needles in my arms and oxygen mask on my face but otherwise happy to sit in the bed with me.

Andrew frequently visited Hugo during the day as well as being very attentive at my bedside.  Gran and Pop went down one at a time to meet Hugo during Eva’s visit.

Mostly I just spent the day so drowsy staring at the photos that Andrew was taking and hoping to hold my baby boy soon. It was sad that neither of us saw our son enter the world but it’s just the way it was meant to be.


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