Day 2 Tuesday March 22nd

Andrew visited Hugo as his first stop in the hospital this morning.  Apparently he looked just so cute and cuddly.

Overnight I was busy drinking iced water to try to relieve my dry mouth and just waking to observations and to press my pain relief button.  Also I did some more expressing so sent down my liquid gold to Hugo.

The anesthetic team came to review me and took down the morphine pain relief infusion, which was making me very drowsy. I have moved onto tablets for pain relief.

My big task for today was getting upright and having a shower.  It seemed to take all morning for this to happen with lots of preparation.  I was feeling very dizzy and drowsy but was desperate to get upright.  Nothing could have felt better than hot water running over my back and my husband washing my hair.  I am glad that I was seated and had someone with me though.

My biggest problem is still drowsiness.  My haemoglobin level has come back average despite a blood loss of 1.2l in theatre and whatever I lost in the bleed beforehand.  So it doesn’t seem to be anaemia causing the drowsiness just the exhaustion and the intense pain relief.

It was midday before I made it down to see Hugo, 24 hours after first meeting him.  As soon as I arrived the nurses wanted me to have a cuddle.  Hugo was still in a humidicrib at this stage with wires for heartrate, breathing and oxygen levels and an iv line in place.  As it was close to feed time the nurse encouraged me to put him straight near the breast to see what suck reflex he had.  Hugo sucked away like a champ, which was very exciting.  He even did a little burp.  The feed due at this time (8ml) was given into his mouth by syringe.   I had such a beautiful cuddle and introduction to my boy and was just so happy.  There was just soft honey brown hair to kiss and feel no CPAP hats.  Just a beautiful chubby face to gaze upon, no tubes for breathing.  There were no alarms to worry about, no heartrate drops to concern us.  I was very tired and dozing during my cuddle.  I also changed my first nappy.  Hugo saved a lovely meconium one for me. 

We went back another couple of times during the day and Daddy got his first cuddle in the evening.  By this stage it was clear that Hugo didn’t belong in the NICU and was very stable.  We were conscious of the very small and unwell babies around us.

By this stage Hugo had a Nasogastric Tube inserted through his nose so that he could enjoy larger volumes of milk per feed.  Sadly we gave consent for Hugo to have formula top ups as my milk supply of colostrum wasn’t getting to the volumes that he needed.  Of course I was sad and worried about my supply in my hormonal state it was a big concern to me.

The next step is Hugo getting better at stabilising his temperature and being able to maintain his temperature in an open cot.  Then he will move down to the special care nursery to start his fat farm growth program.  All he needs to do then is grow!


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