Day 4 Thursday March 24th

Today Hugo moved from bed 4 in NICU to bed 50 in the Special Care Nursery which is a big jump in one day!  Now he is in the right spot to have the appropriate level of care and a more needy baby can have his NICU bed.

This means no more monitoring of his vital signs on a big screen just an oxygen saturation monitor that only alarms occasionally usually when he is wriggling.  The IV fluids ceased overnight so his IV line was out by 10am which is great.

Today Hugo’s feeds will progress up to 35ml every 3 hours putting a little production pressure on me but hopefully some extra weight on him.  On more progress Hugo’s nappies have moved past the awful meconium poos to lovely breast milk poos which are much easier to clean up!  It’s all progress in the right direction.

The move to the other hospital is certainly in full swing.  The senior nurses and the discharge coordinator are keen to move Hugo and have been busy making phone calls.  At this stage there is a bed for him and the newborn transport team have been booked.  Of course this all needs to be finalised in the morning.

It seems that I will be discharged tomorrow as will Hugo but sadly not to home like me.  Initially I was hoping to stay until Saturday but mostly just to be close to Hugo.  Right now I’m feeling sad to be away from Eva and be out of control with her day-to-day activities but soon I’m going to be away from Hugo which is also sad.  I just can’t win for the next month or so.

I am feeling much better today with most of the strong pain relief out of my system I have a slightly clearer head.  I have walked to see Hugo today instead of using a wheelchair so I am a little more tired tonight.

Hugo suckled at the breast twice today which is all that we are aiming for at the moment.  He has breast contact while his feed is being put down the nasogastric tube in order for him to start associating the feeling of a full tummy with the notion of being at the breast.

I moved from hand expressing to using a hospital grade breast pump overnight as I was getting quite engorged and the relief was lovely.  It’s exciting that my milk has arrived for Hugo.

Today Andrew made the most of his Hugo time and spent large chunks of the day with Hugo on his chest in Kangaroo Care.  During this time the staff regularly commented how lovely it was to see a Dad so dedicated to Kangaroo Care.  It seems it’s not as popular here as it was in Bristol which makes Andrew and I very sad as it was such a lifeline for us in the early days with Eva.

A staff member brought an Antenatal couple for a tour of the unit and she later told me that the Dad was still talking about Andrew cuddling his baby when she finished the tour.  She said that she was delighted to have Andrew as such a great example.

Eva came for a visit while Daddy was cuddling so Daddy had his two cherubs in his arms.  Eva then got to watch Hugo be put back into bed and have a nappy change.  She thought that this was very interesting.  Eva loves to stand on a chair next to the cot to check Hugo out.  It’s lovely to see her interact with him.  Today Hugo did seem to be looking in her direction.

Now we just have to wait until the morning to see if the transport is sorted for Hugo.  Andrew has packed up a most of my belongings to try to make the morning easier.  I’m glad that all the changes are happening tomorrow at the same time. Today has been a very teary day for me.  Poor Andrew has had to deal with lots of emotions as these breast feeding hormones course through my body.  I am lucky that he has been here lots today and given me lots of cuddles.


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