Day 6 Saturday March 26th

Andrew and I had a teary start to our day today with a conversation about how we both felt after we separated for my caesarean operation. It was good debriefing and grieving time for us as we both realised how scared we were.  At least my concerns on the day went away when I was put to sleep but Andrew had to wait hours to find out what happened to me.

Andrew delivered me to the hospital for 9am but I forgot to ring ahead and Hugo’s nappy change had been done.  I had to fight back tears as something so simple makes me sad during this emotional time.

I had a lovely visit with Hugo with him having a little suckle at the breast then we had a great kangaroo care cuddle while he received his feed via the tube.  I am not yet ahead of him with supply of milk but hopefully it will improve soon.

Nanny arrived from Canberra and came to visit with Eva and Andrew this morning. Nanny thought that he was just so little and looking very placid and peaceful.  Eva enjoyed poking Hugo and saying hello.

A midwife came to visit today as it was my first day at home.  She was delightful and was mostly interested in how my expressing was going. The midwife said that I need to aim for 750ml/24 hours with 8 expressions if I want to establish a good supply.  I have a way to go yet!

Eva was very cute and brought the midwife the photo of Hugo that I have next to my pump to show off her brother.  She checked my wound and found that one area was a bit wet so suggested a low hair dryer after a shower to dry it off!

Nanny and Auntie Emma visited this afternoon and had their first cuddles.

Andrew and Eva busily worked on tidying the house this afternoon so it looks a bit less like total chaos and we all feel a little more in control.  We are delighted to have Nanny here to help us.  We would be lost without our parents at this time.  Lucky we came home from the UK!


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