Day 11 Thursday March 31st

Hugo is now past his birth weight (by 5 grams) which is exciting.  Today he weighed 2360g (5lb 3oz) which is an 80g weight gain in 2 days!  We are very proud of him.

Hugo is certainly becoming much more alert over the past two days.  He is certainly opening his eyes more often and looking around.  This alertness is mostly before feeds are given so Andrew gets to see him alert at night also.

Again today was a good feeding day.  He seems to be improving each day.  Sometimes it is a battle to keep him awake to enjoy a second side.  The past two days Hugo has spit up some milk after the feeds when I am there.  I was speaking to his nurse today and we decided that maybe he is getting more milk from me than we thought and is just a little overfull.  Thus we reduced the amount going into the tube after the breastfeed by 5mls and this seemed to help him.  This afternoon after the breastfeed and before the tube feed the nurse was able to aspirate some milk from his tummy proving to me that he is taking some milk.  I was most excited.

After talking to the nurse today I have realised that he will come home on breast and bottle and I will have to wean him off the bottle as he gets stronger and doesn’t tire so easily.  With Eva I stayed in hospital to make that transition but with Hugo we will be doing that at home (with a toddler to entertain).

Hugo was still on my chest and naked when Eva came to visit today so she got to see him get dressed and be wrapped up for sleeping.  I lifted him up to have a kiss with her and she reached her hands out to cuddle him as well as kiss him. I do hope that she continues to be so gentle with him!


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