Day 13 Saturday April 2nd

Hugo had another great day today with lots of eating and cuddling.  Today was weigh and bath day.

Today’s weigh in was amazing with an gain of 120g in two days taking him to 2480g (5lb 7oz).  What a clever boy!  Hugo loved his bath again and was very relaxed.  His belly button is looking a bit red so we are now wiping it with an alcohol wipe at each nappy change to keep it clean.

Hugo has been taken off his aponea alarm as he is breathing just beautifully on his own.  He now has no leads attached.

The three feeds went well today with quite a bit of spit up after the last one.  This possibly means that he is taking more from me and needs less top up via the tube. Hugo does have a very loud voice when he expresses his displeasure.  Hopefully this means that they would like to send him home sooner rather than later.

Andrew was meant to be at a study day today but due to Hugo was able to leave after his presentation.  Thus he got to come in for cuddles and was able to see Hugo breast feeding like a champ. This afternoon he was busy building Hugo’s cradle and preparing a cradle for Eva’s baby too.

Eva is getting a little better with less of a runny nose.  Nanny had a break from Eva care this evening as she visited with me and saw Hugo quite alert for a feed.


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