Day 14 Sunday April 3rd

Hugo had another consistent day of feeds and cuddles today.  He was tired by the end of his 3rd breastfeed today so he isn’t ready to have 4 in a row yet.  Hugo seems to be alert enough for one bottle overnight with the rest being tube feeds in his sleep.

Thanks to Nanny Andrew and I have enjoyed lunch out the past two days.  How spoilt we are to have child free outings.  Soon I will be struggling to get organised enough to get out the door with two children!

Hugo’s feed times changed with daylight savings of course so now we have earlier starts but also earlier finishes in the evening which is great for Andrew who was home late all last week.

Eva is still not well poor thing with lots of coughing at night.  Fortunately she is not asking to see Hugo so I don’t have to feel bad that she is missing out.

Unfortunately I have developed a wound infection and I am now on antibiotics.  I caught it early with just a bit of redness and swelling so hopefully it will go away quickly.  Today I didn’t manage a nap and I can definitely feel the difference. Back to an afternoon nap tomorrow.


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