Day 15 Monday April 4th

Two weeks old today!  It seems like forever since we met Hugo and fell in love with him.

Hugo has now passed the magical “going home weight” of 2.5kg.  Today he weighed 2520g which is a 40g increase.  Although we are not near going home it is nice that he is above the acceptable weight to go home.

Today Hugo’s nurse told me that the next step is for him to have a bottle after his breast feed instead of having the top up via the tube. This would make the entire feed a suck feed.  However Hugo is just exhausted after breast feeding so we are looking at a few more days until we can attempt this.

Gran popped in for a cuddle today and to be my chauffeur.   This gave Eva and Nanny a break from driving to collect me.  Eva is still full of phlegm but hopefully getting better soon.

My wound infection hasn’t improved so the antibiotics have been changed with the hope that it starts improving by tomorrow.  I did have a lovely sleep today so not feeling so tired this evening.


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