Day 17 Wednesday April 6th

Hugo is now tube free!  Today he has been set a challenge to suck for all of his feeds either by breast or bottle.  Hugo had taken all his feeds by bottle overnight and gained weight so that’s how we ended up with this big change today.

At weigh in today he had gained another 95g to be 2615g which was very impressive given that yesterday he didn’t have top ups after his breast feeds.

Another change for today is that Hugo’s feeding is now by demand 3-4 hourly so it is no longer scheduled every three hours.  This is of course better for him as he feeds when he is hungry and also this should mean that he takes a good feed.  It’s not so easy for us to organise getting to and from the hospital for these feeds.  We can’t complain about that though as this is the last step and it’s all about helping him to get home!

Hugo needs to pass 48 hours without a tube in for feeds and still gain weight for them to think about me rooming in with him for the night at the hospital and then considering discharge.  Nobody will confirm any plans as it is all up to how Hugo behaves.

It seems that there is a possibility that discharge could be anytime from Monday which is a tantilising thought.  We are all a bit sick of the constant journeying to and from the hospital.  We just want to be together as a family.

Eva is feeling much better today and will come and visit Hugo tomorrow for the first time in a week.  Tonight Eva had a fun swimming lesson where she jumped off the 1m diving board into Andrew’s waiting arms.  The video is here.

I have revisited the GP today about my wound.  It hasn’t improved a lot since the start of antibiotics.  I had an ultrasound of my wound today to check for a collection of fluid underneath where the bugs are growing.  There is a small collection which will get reviewed by the GP tomorrow.  Fortunately I am well overall with this infection being more of an inconvenience than anything else.


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