Day 18 Thursday April 7th

We had an interesting day today with lots of doctors visits for me.  Luckily Hugo is well and happy.

I started the day with a 7am feed for Hugo, during which he was being lazy and making me worried about all the bottles he is having.  I missed out on a few feeds with Hugo today as I was visiting the emergency department in the hospital where I birthed.  I visited the GP to review the ultrasound results from yesterday and the GP decided that it was best to have the collection under the wound reviewed by the doctor at the hospital.

After a few hours at the hospital waiting in the emergency department it was decided to just continue on the antibiotics and no drainage of the collection of fluid was necessary.  Fortunately I had a bed while waiting so caught up on some sleep.  It was strange though as I was in the same room as when I was admitted for the bleed a few weeks ago.

While at the hospital I visited the NICU to use the expressing room and saw the consultant who was at Hugo’s birth.  I was grateful to be able to express our gratitude to him for looking after Hugo.  He was of course interested in Hugo’s progress and will look forward to seeing him at Eva’s follow up appointment in May.

It was a tiring day but I did manage to get back to Hugo for another feed in the evening which was a great feed and Andrew joined us for a cuddle with Hugo after putting Eva to bed.

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