Day 19 Friday April 8th

It has been an exciting day today with a plan for Hugo’s discharge on Sunday!  Yeah!

Hugo is doing so well with his eating and sleeping.  He completed his 48 hours without a tube and had a great weight gain to prove how clever he is.  Hugo’s weight today was 2685g which is a 70g increase.

Hugo passed his hearing test which he had resting on my lap in the middle of a feed.  He was perfectly settled and Nanny was the photographer.

Hugo also passed his newborn check completed by the doctor today and his discharge medications have arrived all ready to go.

Eva visited her little brother today for the first time in a week.  She burst through the door to the nursery in overalls with a little pigtail in her hair, carrying her baba all wrapped up and saying (loudly) “Where’s Hugo?”.  Fortunately the nursery is very quiet at the moment and everyone thought that she was cute.  Eva was keen to climb up to see Hugo and of course poke and prod him.  Hugo was suitably stirring enough for Eva to think that he was communicating.

Hugo fed very well today and seemed to be very satisfied with a full tummy.  The unit manager suggested that I didn’t need to room in overnight with Hugo seeing as we are very relaxed and have previously taken a pre-term baby home.  This is great as I didn’t really fancy another night in a hospital bed with full term babies in the room as well.

Now we have tomorrow to get last minute jobs done around the house before bringing our son home on Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Day 19 Friday April 8th

  1. What really exciting news, I’m so pleased for you all. It’s such hard work when you have an older child at home and in need of a routine, whilst your newborn is in hospital… I remember those 99 days to well! I’m really over the moon for you xx

  2. Thinking of you all today and praying for you as you bring your precious boy home.
    He is so beautiful and is making amazing progress.
    Marnie- you, Eva and Andrew are so strong and patient. I know you will all enjoy being a family all together ALL the time 🙂

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