Content at Home

Hugo seems to be proving that he is content at home and we are certainly enjoying enveloping him with love.  Eva just dotes upon him constantly asking for cuddles and giving kisses.  She especially loves to kiss his head when I am feeding him which I find adorable.  Of course we have to keep a close eye on her as she would just love to reach into the bassinet and pick him up by herself.

Hugo has continued to gain weight.  He was discharged at 2750g (a 65g increase).  Tuesday a midwife from the hospital visited and he had gained 40g to be 2790g.  On Thursday the maternal and child health nurse weighed him and he was 2840g, an extra 50g.  Today he gained another 50g to be 2890g. These gains are not as big as the hospital but perfectly adequate for him at home with all sorts of new experiences taking extra energy.  Next weigh in is on Thursday.

Hugo is beginning to have periods of quiet alertness everyday which is lovely to see.  Fortunately Hugo is still settling well after feeds so I shall enjoy this preterm phase as long as it lasts.

During the day he is breastfed about every 3 hours which he is managing well.  I express after a couple of the feeds to make sure that my supply stays adequate.  Sometimes little babies don’t suck as strongly as needed for the body to produce enough. The advice from the Nursery on discharge was to give Hugo 2 bottles of expressed breast milk overnight to ensure that he is receiving adequate volumes to keep him growing and hydrated.  I am expressing at these times as soon he will transition to breastfeeds overnight so I need my body to remember that this is the time to produce milk!

Poor Hugo has been have some yucky nappies as a result of the antibiotics that I am on.  We are now giving him frozen breast milk from before the antibiotics started overnight in his bottles instead of fresh breast milk.  This seems to have helped to slow down the flow.

I have continued on another course of the same antibiotics as the redness around the wound and the lumpiness under the wound is still present.  Not my ideal situation but better than further complications.

Nanny has returned home Thursday after enjoying lots of cuddles with Hugo at home. We are sad to see her go as is Eva who wants to know “Where’s Nanny?”.  Fortunately Andrew has been home since then.  Thus up until yesterday the number of adults equaled the children which is worked well.

Overall it has been a good transition to home with our new family unit.  I even survived a day today being outnumbered by children for the first time.


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