Hugo’s One Month Birthday

It’s hard to believe that it has just been a month with Hugo in our family.  He has reached 38 weeks gestation today which means he still has a few more weeks of cooking!

We are enjoying lots of cuddles but only a few wakeful moments. Of course this means that for now he settles easily to sleep after feeds so I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Hugo was weighed again and has gained just 45g in 3 days taking him to 2935g. Yes it’s better to gain than lose but still it should be 30g/day with a minimum of 20g/day.  Thus now we are doing bottle tops ups with 30ml breast milk twice per day after breast feeds.  30ml doesn’t seem like much but he only takes 90ml for a full feed overnight.

Hopefully this will get him to have a bit more energy and substance to improve his ability to suck efficiently.  I am glad to have a plan but anxious about the extra bottles in terms of work involved and nipple confusion.

We celebrated Hugo’s arrival by partaking in some delicious champagne.  There are advantages to being able to “pump and dump” milk and use the frozen supply!

We are in the middle of lots of Daddy days where we are going to church to remember Easter, planting vegetables, doing odd jobs, lots of playing and dancing to music and of course lots of cuddling.


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