Happy Easter!

What a lovely day of catching up with family and friends and meeting new family members today.  We started with a great celebration at church this morning.  Then we headed to Gran and Pop’s for lunch.  The food was of course delicious then the children had a fabulous afternoon of exploring the “backyard”.
Today we met Eva’s newest cousin, Noah James, who arrived a week ago.  Eva really enjoyed talking to baby Noah and spoiling him with kisses!

Gran and Pop with Noah

Our Nepali friends Srijana and Lokraj came for the afternoon to meet Hugo and enjoyed exploring the backyard too.
Gran and Pop were no doubt pleased to enjoy a quiet evening after the chaos of many adults and 5 grandchildren.  Eva was so tired at the end of the day.  She just didn’t stop all day with so many playmates.
We hope you all have a lovely day full of food and family.
No matter what you did or didn’t do today, we pray you all found hope, promise, and peace in this fact – Jesus is risen.

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