He’s 3kg!

Hugo now weighs 3kg!  Yeah!  Obviously he enjoyed the Easter long weekend, putting on 210g in 6 days.  The biggest change in this time was that the antibiotics that I was taking are finished and thus he is no longer experiencing diarrhea.  We didn’t realise how bad it had been for him until it stopped.  It’s all up from here.

The plan is for only one top up bottle during the day, reduced from 2 from the past week.  We shall see how this goes for weigh in next Wednesday.  I was thrilled with such a great gain. Some of his 00000 size clothes are getting tight so he will progress into 0000.

Eva was 3kg in April 2009 and wore that same growsuit when she was 5 months old.  It’s hard not to compare them.  I wonder what Hugo will weigh in 2 years time?  More than Eva does now I’m guessing!

Hugo has been suffering with a snuffly nose which is to be expected seeing as everyone else in the household has some form of a cough and cold.  He seems to be coping well with feeds regardless but it does disturb him from sleeping at times.


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