Hugo’s Two Month Birthday

Hugo enjoyed his two month birthday on Saturday with lots of socialising and cuddles.  Hugo is having more alert periods every day and is having good stretches of sleep overnight.  Poor thing had his immunisations on Friday so he was feeling a bit grumpy but nothing that wasn’t fixed with cuddles.

Hugo Robert, Robert George, Andrew Robert

Another Weigh Day

Eva had a 2 1/2 year appointment with the paediatrician, Dr Dan, this week.  The first thing that he noticed was how much her hair had grown in 6 months.  And it really has.  It is looking so cute with curls now.  Some have suggested that it is due for a cut so that she can see at all times.  However we are not ready for that drastic measure yet.  It has taken her body so long to have the energy to grow hair we value it highly.

Dr Dan did a physical assessment of Eva and couldn’t find any issues. Eva sat on the scales  which read 11.455kg a 1.265kg increase in 6 months.  This still finds her just above the 10th centile for weight.  Her height has zoomed from 81cm to 88cm which is between the 25th and 50th centile.  Thus she is quite disproportionate in height and weight.  This is evident in her clothes where she needs size 2 for the length but it swims on her.

Dr Dan graciously agreed to a have his photo taken with Eva whom he has looked after since our return to Australia 15 months ago and Hugo who he looked after immediately after birth.

Overall he had nothing much to comment on and will be happy to see us again when Eva turns 3. How nice it is to have a positive review for our Eva.

Working on Good Attachment

Today was another great day on the scales for Hugo.  His weight today was 3.745kg (8lb4oz), his length 51cm and head 36.5cm.  That is a great gain of 365g in two weeks.  This puts him nicely on the 50th centile for his corrected age (due date) which is just fantastic.  It is so nice not to be worried about weight gains this time round. Each weigh is in relaxed instead of full of anxiety as it was with Eva.

Over the weekend I began to have pain during breastfeeds.  I thought at first that it might be an infection but then realised that there was no pain when using the breast pump thus it was a Hugo issue.  At times it was excruciating and at times just mild.  Also Hugo’s sucking blisters came back on his lips.

I phoned the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Helpline and spoke to a lovely counsellor who agreed that it wasn’t likely to be an infection. In order to help Hugo and I get sorted she suggested that we get our attachment checked.  Luckily our local ABA group was meeting the next day.

The ABA group were happy to meet Hugo and catch up with us as we hadn’t been to many meetings lately.  The group leader was delighted to help Hugo and I.  She gave me lots of great tips and agreed that we needed to work hard at attachment.  This means removing him when he isn’t on properly and starting again.  Holding him really close and even standing up to feed so that I am not getting slack and leaning on anything.

Since then Hugo and I have been working very hard.  Some feeds are better than others.  Some feeds I feel like I spend all the time poking my finger in to detach him.  Straight away I could see a difference in him being more settled after the feed and sleeping well.  I guess he hadn’t been filling up as well as he could.

I am just so thankful to have the resources of the ABA nearby.  I never had any concern with pain with Eva so this is just a new turn in my breastfeeding journey.

Tonight my Dad arrived just to meet Hugo.  They are enjoying getting to know each other.


Right now I am feeling re-energised after a morning at MOPS.  This morning I laughed, cried, gained some good toddler handling tips and ate morning tea with no children attached to or needing me.  What more can I ask for on a Friday morning after there had already been multiple meltdowns before 9am?  It is a pity that I now have to wait another fortnight for the next MOPS.

This morning we watched this video and it was too good not to share.  As our leader said when introducing it, depending on your hormone level you may need a tissue.

I am so thankful for the people who organise our MOPS and especially the carers who look after the children for us.  I am blessed.

Midway through Two

6 months

12 months

18 months

24 months

30 months

Today Eva is 2 1/2.  There has been such huge developmental changes since she turned two.  In fact she seems to change every day!  It really does scare me how sponge like they are at this stage with everything being absorbed and stored in her growing brain.

Everyday her language and thought processes astound me as she tells me something that I didn’t know that she knew.  This past week Eva has decided that we are “Mum”and “Dad”.  We are sad to see the end of Mummy and Daddy.  All of a sudden, about a month ago, Eva started to complete the sentences of her favourite songs and books.

As of today some of her favourite daily activities include reading books on the rocking chair, taking the step stool to anywhere to reach anything, rolling her suitcase to go on a “holiday”, taking her baba shopping in the pram, playing with the dolls house, playdough and drawing with markers.  I am amazed to see the start of imaginative play developing with more language available to her.

Lately her arms seem to resemble those of Inspector Gadget as she can reach all sorts of things that used to be safe.  Now there are very few high surfaces where I can store special things to keep them safe.  This I am finding a challenge.

Phases that have been and gone recently are click-clacking the highchair buckles repeatedly and opening screw top containers.

Eva is quite the Houdini with us requiring a strap to hold her seatbelt together after she took her arms out and popped up to say hello to us while driving!  We have had to install an extra lock on the side gate after I found her at the front door when I know that the gate was closed!  For a while we had to tie her sleeping bag zips together to prevent her stripping naked every night.

Outside play is great at the moment with ride on/in cars proving very popular. We swap these over at the Toy Library frequently which she loves.

An ever popular activity is viewing photos or videos of herself on the computer.  I used this once as a distraction and she grasped the concept very quickly. Now the computer cannot be used by anyone if she is around as it just leads to meltdown if she can’t see “picture Eva”.

Life with Eva at 30 months is full of delights and challenges. Thank goodness she still has a day sleep as I don’t think that she would make it to 3 if I didn’t get some downtime in the middle of the day.  She just never stops!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

I had a lovely day yesterday which most notably involved waking up to lots of kisses and cuddles, no cooking or dishes and a 5 1/2 hour stretch of sleep!  It wasn’t until the end of the day that I remembered to have a photo with my cherubs.  So here we are out of our “good” clothes but ready to catch a memory of Mother’s Day 2011.

We celebrated with a delicious lunch created lovingly by Andrew with dessert by Bob.  It was a truly sumptuous menu made with love and no hands of mothers.  Nic and Hayley joined us from Sydney and worked hard in the kitchen between cuddles of the babies.  Eva of course enjoyed playing with her cousins and was tired by the end of the day.

Gran with her 5 Grandchildren

I find it hard to imagine what mother’s day must be like for those who have lost a child or for those who are struggling on the journey to motherhood or for those who are motherless.  It must be heartbreaking.  Every year (and every day) my mum has mother’s day without her son and still finds the joy to celebrate with her daughters and grandchildren.

In church yesterday I realised that sometimes there is joy in a day like today and sometimes sorrow.  For me this year I am thankful for two healthy babies and am enjoying every moment with them.  How blessed I am to be celebrating mother’s day with family.  It’s amazing to me to think that my fierce love for my children doesn’t compare to the love that God has for us.  Mother’s Day is a day to be purposefully thankful for the opportunity to love those around us.

Due Date Today

Today is Hugo’s due date.  Of course babies aren’t ever strictly due to arrive on one particular date but it does help to have a focus for the end of pregnancy.  And of course my babies don’t fancy coming anywhere near their due date!

Hugo had his first visit with the paediatrician today.  She was very happy with his progress since discharge.  Hugo had a full physical examination during which he voiced his displeasure.  The doctor was very pleased with his current weight pointing out that he is the size of an average newborn at 3.38kg (7lb 7oz) at his due date.

The plan for feeding is to replace a bottle feed overnight with a breast feed and see what his weight does in 2 weeks.  Here’s hoping that it goes well from tonight.

We are so blessed that Hugo has been home for close to 4 weeks with us and we have been getting to know him even though he should have still been inside.

It’s Tiring Right Now

Life here is a little tiring right now.  I have so many thoughts floating round in my head about the little details of life at the moment but not enough clear thinking ability to get them onto this page!

Hugo was weighed today and is 3.38kg, an increase of 235g in a week which is great.  Unfortunately he has been quite unsettled as he has swapped the diarrhea from the antibiotics for constipation.  This is making his very sad and grumpy and needing lots of cuddles.  I am reminding myself that “this too shall pass” and these days will be over in the blink of an eye.

Eva is proving to be a little challenging as she tries to work out her place in the family now.  Her behaviour is reasonable probably but being so tired means that I am more likely to run out of patience.

This will all pass soon when we can all have some more sleep and learn to love and enjoy each other all the time.  Of course there are fun moments like in the photo above where Hugo is alert and responding to his big sister.  We’ll get more of that soon.