It’s Tiring Right Now

Life here is a little tiring right now.  I have so many thoughts floating round in my head about the little details of life at the moment but not enough clear thinking ability to get them onto this page!

Hugo was weighed today and is 3.38kg, an increase of 235g in a week which is great.  Unfortunately he has been quite unsettled as he has swapped the diarrhea from the antibiotics for constipation.  This is making his very sad and grumpy and needing lots of cuddles.  I am reminding myself that “this too shall pass” and these days will be over in the blink of an eye.

Eva is proving to be a little challenging as she tries to work out her place in the family now.  Her behaviour is reasonable probably but being so tired means that I am more likely to run out of patience.

This will all pass soon when we can all have some more sleep and learn to love and enjoy each other all the time.  Of course there are fun moments like in the photo above where Hugo is alert and responding to his big sister.  We’ll get more of that soon.

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