Working on Good Attachment

Today was another great day on the scales for Hugo.  His weight today was 3.745kg (8lb4oz), his length 51cm and head 36.5cm.  That is a great gain of 365g in two weeks.  This puts him nicely on the 50th centile for his corrected age (due date) which is just fantastic.  It is so nice not to be worried about weight gains this time round. Each weigh is in relaxed instead of full of anxiety as it was with Eva.

Over the weekend I began to have pain during breastfeeds.  I thought at first that it might be an infection but then realised that there was no pain when using the breast pump thus it was a Hugo issue.  At times it was excruciating and at times just mild.  Also Hugo’s sucking blisters came back on his lips.

I phoned the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Helpline and spoke to a lovely counsellor who agreed that it wasn’t likely to be an infection. In order to help Hugo and I get sorted she suggested that we get our attachment checked.  Luckily our local ABA group was meeting the next day.

The ABA group were happy to meet Hugo and catch up with us as we hadn’t been to many meetings lately.  The group leader was delighted to help Hugo and I.  She gave me lots of great tips and agreed that we needed to work hard at attachment.  This means removing him when he isn’t on properly and starting again.  Holding him really close and even standing up to feed so that I am not getting slack and leaning on anything.

Since then Hugo and I have been working very hard.  Some feeds are better than others.  Some feeds I feel like I spend all the time poking my finger in to detach him.  Straight away I could see a difference in him being more settled after the feed and sleeping well.  I guess he hadn’t been filling up as well as he could.

I am just so thankful to have the resources of the ABA nearby.  I never had any concern with pain with Eva so this is just a new turn in my breastfeeding journey.

Tonight my Dad arrived just to meet Hugo.  They are enjoying getting to know each other.


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