Hugo’s Three Month Birthday

Hugo celebrated his three month birthday on Tuesday.  He is thrilled that it was also the shortest day of the year so it gets better from here on in!  Hugo is now 6 weeks past his due date and he has really “woken up” over the past week. He now coos and gurgles as well as does his best to smile for friendly faces.  It is just gorgeous to watch.

Hugo weighed in at 4.72kg this past Monday. That was a 545g increase in 19 days.  Hugo is on the 50% centile on the weight growth chart for his gestational age (ie 6 weeks).  It feels so successful and easy after trying to achieve Eva’s weight gain.  We could literally see him growing the past week.  He suddenly didn’t fit into some of his 0000 clothes and now is comfortable in newborn.

In these photos he is wearing the outfit that his somewhat optimistic parents purchased (in January) in newborn size for the “big” baby that they planned to bring home from hospital.  How silly they were!

Hugo is now big enough to fit into our cloth nappies which is great.  The still need some overlapping but he’ll grow into them soon enough.

This week he received lots of love from his big sister as she tried to carry him to another room but they didn’t quite make it!  Hugo is fine after a session at the chiropractor but I think that Eva had the biggest shock of us all.  I was amazed that she could lift his weight off the ground.  I guess all subsequent children survive at the hands of their siblings?!  Obviously there is no leaving them together in a room anymore.

We have moved him into the cradle this week also.  It makes him look small compared to the pram bassinet that he has been sleeping in so far.

Introducing Hugo

This week we are in Canberra introducing Hugo to his Cooney cousins.  He has been adored and doted upon by Isabelle, Henry and Zachary.  Hugo is lucky to have such love around him.

Hugo has been much more alert this week with cute cooing and smiling to entertain us.  Babies are just adorable when they start to interact.

Last Sunday we celebrated Henry’s confirmation with Andrew acting as his sponsor.  It was wonderful to be here for this celebration.  Luckily Isabelle was superb at feeding and walking Eva during the service and Zachary helped look after Hugo.

It’s lovely to see the 5 cousins all together.  Even though Eva hadn’t seen her cousins for a year she easily settled in with them after seeing them on Skype regularly.

We are all having lots of fun and are enjoying lots of help from Nanny and Grandpa.

An Aeroplane Journey

Hugo has completed his first flight up here to Canberra to visit my family.  He did a great job and just ate and slept for the flight.  No complaints from him.

There is just so much luggage required for a family of 4 just for a week!  Luckily Andrew is a champion packer and it takes him no time at all to get us all packed up.

Eva was pretty excited about her holiday and had been practicing with her suitcase around the house for the past week.  It was cute to see her wheeling her suitcase around  the airport.

We were at the airport in the early morning which meant that Eva had breakfast at the airport. She must have been hungry as she ate it up quickly in the busy departure terminal.

This time Eva travelled in her own seat using a CARES harness.  This was much easier than taking her car seat on the plane.  We were delighted with the harness. It was easy to install and kept Eva still (a miracle if you know Eva).  No climbing all over us and no worry about her with just a lap belt on.

This short 45 minute flight was a good practice for further flights later in the year.  Will I ever learn to pack less though?

Life with Two

There are joys and challenges to life with two small cherubs in the house.  Everyone tells me that the jump from 1 to 2 is huge and at times tricky.  There are moments every day when it feels overwhelming and then moments when I stop and look at them and feel joyful.

The hardest parts of the day are of course first thing in the morning and last thing before their bedtime.  In the morning, no matter what time, whoever wakes up first invariably wakes the other up!  This means that I have two little people needing me instantaneously.  It is great joy to me when only one wakes at a time.

Eva is of course desperate for breakfast on the days when Hugo is screaming for a feed but remarkably can wait on other days!  As Hugo grows and can wait a short while from waking to eating I should be able to get Eva all set up before feeding him.

In the evening when we are all tired patience is less and little things become a battle. Bathtime is tricky right now.  Eva loves to have Hugo in the bath with her but doesn’t like being asked not to splash/throw toys/steal facewashers.  When Hugo gets out first Eva is desperate to get out at the same time and lie down with him.  Seeing as Hugo is usually screaming at this point Eva often likes to join him I guess in order to receive the same attention.

Most nights we now just bath them separately for convenience but that’s tricky depending on what feeding routine Hugo is having that day.  We realise that this will all sort itself out and that “this too shall pass”.  Soon enough they’ll be splashing together so much that there will be more water out than in the bath.

Hugo and Mummy have become a fan of the dummy in those moments where he is just unsettled or even beside himself.  He really enjoys sucking and hasn’t found his hands yet.  Even just a few minutes to settle him seems to help.  This helps towards making me feel less frazzled and often gives me a moment to set Eva up with something before attending to Hugo.  It also seems to help him when he is full after a feed and we can’t get any more burps out.  The sucking definitely settles him.

How different the life of a subsequent child is when the attention received isn’t instant and always has to be shared.

Luckily Hugo and Eva adore each other.  Eva’s demands for cuddles and kisses have slowed down since he came home but it’s still a daily request. Luckily she is less fascinated with him during sleep now so there is less breaking into the room to “pat” (ie thud) him.

I was very apprehensive about getting to and from the car with two small people at the start.  I find that I have Hugo in the wrap and Eva wearing the ladybird backpack which seems to give me enough control to feel safe.  We have settled into a car routine and Eva seems to be helpful at getting in and out safely.

The extra time that is takes to get out of the house with a little person is quite amazing. Not to mention the extra packing for an outing.  Luckily for me I don’t fuss much about getting myself ready or I’d have to get up 30mins earlier which just isn’t happening right now.

Overall our weekday routine is certainly at a slower pace with two.  Andrew is taking the car to work most days at my encouragement so this puts a helpful restriction on outings.  It is nice to use the pram or just play at home.

We are very proud of Eva for whom the introduction of Hugo has been the biggest change.  The axis of her world has shifted and most days she copes very well with that.  We are both trying to be intentional in giving her one-on-one time which is hopefully helping  her ease into the transition to big sister.

Our Babymoon

During the final stages of my pregnancy we planned to use an accommodation voucher that Andrew had been given recently for a Babymoon.  Eva was going to stay at Gran and Pop’s while we had some time for ourselves.  Of course my uterus didn’t get the memo and I was in hospital when we were booked to stay.

Last weekend we took our baby on our babymoon instead.  It was still relaxing just a little more time constrained with 3 hourly feeds to factor in.  We stayed by the beach in St Kilda and enjoyed ocean views from our room.

It was rather nice to just have Hugo to lavish our attention on.  It was his brief 24 hours to enjoy being an only child.  Hugo even gave Andrew his first smile.  It was gorgeous to watch them.

Andrew spent most of the weekend carrying Hugo in our wrap on his front.  As always this meant that he enjoyed many quizical looks from passers by as they realised that there was a baby in there.  When we arrived at dinner with Hugo all wrapped up the table next to us had a group of women who were very taken by a man wearing a baby.  I love when people say “Oh it’s a baby in there!”.  Hugo was very well behaved and just needed to go outside for some cooler air before dessert arrived.  It’s great having such a portable baby.

I don’t have any photos to show as we had a camera free weekend!  Outrageous I know.

Eva had a fabulous time at Gran and Pop’s. She especially enjoyed being outside exploring the autumn leaves.

When Eva returned on Sunday the most important person that she wanted to see was Hugo.  She had missed him I think.

We had  a great time and enjoyed being able to finish sentences and even conversations.  I especially enjoyed all of the eating out that we did where I didn’t have to chase a child or choose a venue that had a playground for entertainment.