Our Babymoon

During the final stages of my pregnancy we planned to use an accommodation voucher that Andrew had been given recently for a Babymoon.  Eva was going to stay at Gran and Pop’s while we had some time for ourselves.  Of course my uterus didn’t get the memo and I was in hospital when we were booked to stay.

Last weekend we took our baby on our babymoon instead.  It was still relaxing just a little more time constrained with 3 hourly feeds to factor in.  We stayed by the beach in St Kilda and enjoyed ocean views from our room.

It was rather nice to just have Hugo to lavish our attention on.  It was his brief 24 hours to enjoy being an only child.  Hugo even gave Andrew his first smile.  It was gorgeous to watch them.

Andrew spent most of the weekend carrying Hugo in our wrap on his front.  As always this meant that he enjoyed many quizical looks from passers by as they realised that there was a baby in there.  When we arrived at dinner with Hugo all wrapped up the table next to us had a group of women who were very taken by a man wearing a baby.  I love when people say “Oh it’s a baby in there!”.  Hugo was very well behaved and just needed to go outside for some cooler air before dessert arrived.  It’s great having such a portable baby.

I don’t have any photos to show as we had a camera free weekend!  Outrageous I know.

Eva had a fabulous time at Gran and Pop’s. She especially enjoyed being outside exploring the autumn leaves.

When Eva returned on Sunday the most important person that she wanted to see was Hugo.  She had missed him I think.

We had  a great time and enjoyed being able to finish sentences and even conversations.  I especially enjoyed all of the eating out that we did where I didn’t have to chase a child or choose a venue that had a playground for entertainment.


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