An Aeroplane Journey

Hugo has completed his first flight up here to Canberra to visit my family.  He did a great job and just ate and slept for the flight.  No complaints from him.

There is just so much luggage required for a family of 4 just for a week!  Luckily Andrew is a champion packer and it takes him no time at all to get us all packed up.

Eva was pretty excited about her holiday and had been practicing with her suitcase around the house for the past week.  It was cute to see her wheeling her suitcase around  the airport.

We were at the airport in the early morning which meant that Eva had breakfast at the airport. She must have been hungry as she ate it up quickly in the busy departure terminal.

This time Eva travelled in her own seat using a CARES harness.  This was much easier than taking her car seat on the plane.  We were delighted with the harness. It was easy to install and kept Eva still (a miracle if you know Eva).  No climbing all over us and no worry about her with just a lap belt on.

This short 45 minute flight was a good practice for further flights later in the year.  Will I ever learn to pack less though?


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