Hugo’s Three Month Birthday

Hugo celebrated his three month birthday on Tuesday.  He is thrilled that it was also the shortest day of the year so it gets better from here on in!  Hugo is now 6 weeks past his due date and he has really “woken up” over the past week. He now coos and gurgles as well as does his best to smile for friendly faces.  It is just gorgeous to watch.

Hugo weighed in at 4.72kg this past Monday. That was a 545g increase in 19 days.  Hugo is on the 50% centile on the weight growth chart for his gestational age (ie 6 weeks).  It feels so successful and easy after trying to achieve Eva’s weight gain.  We could literally see him growing the past week.  He suddenly didn’t fit into some of his 0000 clothes and now is comfortable in newborn.

In these photos he is wearing the outfit that his somewhat optimistic parents purchased (in January) in newborn size for the “big” baby that they planned to bring home from hospital.  How silly they were!

Hugo is now big enough to fit into our cloth nappies which is great.  The still need some overlapping but he’ll grow into them soon enough.

This week he received lots of love from his big sister as she tried to carry him to another room but they didn’t quite make it!  Hugo is fine after a session at the chiropractor but I think that Eva had the biggest shock of us all.  I was amazed that she could lift his weight off the ground.  I guess all subsequent children survive at the hands of their siblings?!  Obviously there is no leaving them together in a room anymore.

We have moved him into the cradle this week also.  It makes him look small compared to the pram bassinet that he has been sleeping in so far.


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