Our 5kg Boy

Our little man is flourishing.  Hugo passed his 8 week (corrected age) check up with flying colours.  He is smiling, following objects, focussing and lifting his head up in tummy time.  Hugo has been discharged from the paediatrician which is great news as this means he is doing brilliantly.

Hugo’s stats for 9 weeks corrected (3.5 months): 5.21kg (11lb 7oz), 57cm in length and 39.2cm head circumference.  He had a 490g increase in 17 days which is just perfect.

I can remember celebrating when Eva finally reached 5kg at 15 weeks (7 months).  It felt like such a big milestone for us and of course we were lucky enough to have Auntie Ali staying with us so Eva had a fabulous cake.

Watching Hugo develop is so much fun.  His awake times as so much more interactive now. He even enjoys lying on the playmat and looking at the various dangling toys, although he rarely gets to do that in peace. Not that he minds his big sister being around.  He really idolises her.  I love this photo of the two of them.

Hugo is now sleeping in the cradle that was made by his Popa for his Daddy 35 years ago.  I think that it is lovely that Hugo sleeps surrounded by this love.


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