Hugo’s Sixth Month Birthday

Has it really been six months since we welcomed our little man into the world?  Life seems to have been a blur and here we are celebrating this gorgeous little boy.

Hugo celebrated his six month birthday with his first Zoo visit.  He had some moments for appreciation of the animals although his glances may have brief as his mama was busy chasing his sister!  He did get to meet Amelia, born 3 weeks after him, who was visiting from Perth.

A big event for Hugo this month was a very relaxing family holiday to Bali.  He earned his first stamp in his passport and did really well on both 6 hour flights.  Hugo enjoyed swimming in the pool and the sea.


Hugo is really good at socialising and turning on the charm by flashing his big smile at anyone who would like to come near.  We just love sending him into a fit of giggles with kisses in his very ticklish neckline.  Blowing raspberries is a new, and very adorable, trick.

Everytime we spend time with people they ask “Is he always this good?” so I figure that I am lucky to have a very chilled and happy baby.  Of course I see the cranky “pick me up” baby at the end of the day but overall he is very happy to go with the flow.  Do you think he might be more like his father in this regard?

Hugo is much more dextrous with his toys.  He can grab toys and bring them toward his mouth with some accuracy. He can focus on us when we are further away.  Both of these things mean that time spent on the play mat is more entertaining for him thus he spends longer enjoying play.

Eva still remains the light of his life.  I just love how he adores her.  For the most part this is reciprocated with Eva frequently saying “I love him” “He’s beautiful”.  This is balanced out by the occasional swipe when he has received too much attention!

Another great month of growth for our little man.  Hugo currently weighs 6.675 kg, length is 61.5 cm and head circumference is 42.5 cm.  He weighs more than half of Eva!  His growth rate is slowing which is normal for this age (4 1/2 months).

A couple of weekends ago my exclusively breastfed baby spent 7 daylight hours away from me without any drama.  I would never have even contemplated this with Eva but he’s so easygoing so it was doable.  He took some breastmilk with the bottle but generally wasn’t too fussed about it.  We easily made up for the milk consumption in the 24 hours afterwards.  Andrew and I enjoyed a day of corporate entertainment for the Collingwood vs West Coast Final.

Maybe we will get to slow down and enjoy the next six months a little more.  I try to stop and capture the memories on a daily basis because he will never be six months again!


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