He’s Moving

I know that I should be excited about developmental milestones but oh dear a moving boy just makes life a little busier.  Just when I was starting to come up for breath and manage the needs of both of them with a little more ease Hugo has decided that moving would be fun!

Could someone please tell him that he is only 7 months old and he has the rest of his life to move?  Couldn’t he wait just a little longer?  Eva was 14 months old before any of this activity occurred so this is early for us.

For weeks he has been doing 360° turns on his tummy and just a week ago he perfected rolling from his front to his back.  This week each day has seen him testing his skills a bit more.  It’s almost like you can see all the neurons connecting rapidly in this massive week of change. I marvel at God’s amazing creation daily.

Andrew is very excited and proud of his boy.  Eva is not going to be happy once she realises that her peace is shattered.  I am seeing the busyness explode.

Hugo’s Seven Month Birthday

What a month of changes it has been for this gorgeous boy.  He is looking so much more grown up and loves to chat away and socialise.

Andrew was based in Sydney for work so we took the opportunity to visit him, socialise with family and friends and sightsee.  I managed two flights with two children on my own.  Both flights Hugo had the use of a bassinet which gave me a little free time.  Hugo enjoyed Sydney because he got lots of cuddles either in the sling or with family and friends.

Sliding with Uncle Nic in Sydney

Just this week he has perfected rolling from his front to his back. Usually this is with a toy in hand to further explore.  He is beginning to elevate his bottom and attempt to scoot forwards on his tummy.  I am not ready for a moving boy yet!

Hugo is getting better at his baby push ups with straight arms more often.  He is very good at “flying” (lifting all limbs off the ground while on his tummy).

There have been a few glimpses of Summer weather this month so Hugo has enjoyed being outdoors exploring the grass and watching his sister with envy.

Hugo has started swimming lessons as well which he is loving.  It makes for a busy Saturday morning for us!

We can’t wait to see what the month ahead holds for us.  I’m guessing that there will be lots of changes for our little boy.

Walk for Prems – Sunday November 6th

Coming up in just over 2 weeks is the Walk for Prems organised by Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.

“The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is a national Australian charity which is dedicated to providing information, support, friendship & assistance to families of children born prematurely or sick. The Foundation’s services are available in the hospital (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.” 

We will be walking with our two premature baby graduates around Lake Albert in a 5km walk starting at 10.30am.  We would love company if you feel like a Sunday morning stroll for a good cause.  Registrations are here with walks in other states also.

If you don’t feel like strolling a fundraising page in Eva and Hugo’s name is here.  I recently started coordinating the monthly support group that we have been attending since returning to Australia.  It’s lovely to meet other families who share your experience.


Operation Christmas Child

The Christmas trees and decorations have found their way into the shops already, it must be nearly time!  This year Eva helped to pack our Operation Christmas Child box for a 2-4 year old girl.  This shoe box will be opened by a little girl who otherwise not have the opportunity to receive such gifts.

We watched a few videos of past box deliveries which seemed to explain it for Eva about the gift giving although the concept of another country is lost still.  I cried watching the videos.

We went shopping to choose items for the little girl and then came home to pack our shoebox.  I loved having Eva so involved this year.

Boxes from Australia go to South East Asia or the Pacific.  The instructions are here and the drop off locations are here if you would like to pack a shoebox.  Boxes are due by October 25th.

Eva does want to go “to the country please” to visit her little girl.  We will have to settle for watching videos!

Celebrating Babywearing

We love wearing our babies, small and big.  It has been our saving grace on many occasions that they will settle in a sling while we hold them close.  Especially now with two small people having one so close and portable is ideal.

Last year I talked about Eva’s progression through different types of carriers.  This year it is of course mostly Hugo who has been worn by us.  In fact he was several months old before he went in the pram as I just found wearing him so convenient with a busy toddler to chase.

Little Hugo in June

Babywearing has kept Hugo close to us, settled and calm and has saved us investing in a double stroller.  When Eva escapes (frequently) all I have to do is follow with Hugo on me not worry about a pram to push.

Potentially escaping toddler tethered to mama with sleeping baby in sling

We love having Hugo close to us when asleep but also we he is alert and awake and enjoying his high vantage point for exploring the world.

On a couple of occasions Andrew has worn Eva in the Boba while I had Hugo in the Kari-me wrap.  There are lots of times when stroller free is just so much easier, especially traveling and markets.

Eva in the Boba at 2 years and 10 months

When Hugo came along we invested in a gorgeous ring sling which has been great around the house for it’s quick application in times of need.  Also the ability to remove it from the wearer with a sleeping baby inside and just lower them down to sleep has been handy.

I must say though I am not convinced about the comfort of ring slings for longer periods of wear with the weight on one shoulder.  Also I didn’t like to use it when I needed to be lifting Eva (car, trolley, playgrounds) as I just didn’t feel that he was secure enough with a toddler in hand as well.

We have been out to dinner at the restaurant of a 5 star hotel with a sleeping baby snuggled into the sling.  Now of course he’s a little bigger and would be too interested to sleep!

Out to Dinner in July

Up until a recent trip to Sydney Hugo was comfortable in the Kari-me with it’s broad fabric covering my shoulders but these past two weeks I have enjoyed him in the Boba soft structured carrier.

Eva has even gotten into the swing of things wearing her baba now and then.

I certainly wouldn’t have survived my motherhood without babywearing and I am passionate about the benefits for the wearer and the baby.  It takes some skill and practice but the rewards are overwhelming.

Feed the Horn

This Sunday, October 16th, we will be lunching at the CERES cafe to support Oxfam’s Shout the Horn campaign.  I have been looking forward to trying this organic cafe for a while so what better excuse than a feel good event.

From Oxfam:

If you haven’t organised a lunch or dinner for this Sunday, now is the perfect time to do it. The concept is simple: dine out at a participating restaurant and show your support by making a donation to the Horn of Africa when you pay your bill. 

And in breaking news, personal donations to Shout the Horn will be doubled by the Australian Government. So every dollar you donate on World Food Day will now be twice as powerful in reaching 3.5 million people with life-saving food, water and sanitation.

Some key points to remember on the day:

  • Donations over $2 are tax deductible – just use the donation card on your table and return to wait staff. Oxfam will then send you a tax receipt.
  • By completing the donation card on your table, you’ll also ensure that the Australian Government matches your donation

And importantly, enjoy this day of sharing with your friends, family and the Horn of Africa. There is enough food on the planet to feed everyone — food crises are avoidable — but we need to change how the food system works. To find out how you can play a further part in the big picture, check out Oxfam’s Grow campaign.

This World Food Day, we can all make a positive difference to the lives of those in need through the simple act of sharing. Let’s Shout the Horn this Sunday 16 October.

So will you be eating out this Sunday?  

Sydney Sights and Socialising

We recently spent a few days in Sydney to visit Andrew as he has spent 3 weeks based there for work.  It was enjoyable to see the sights of Sydney and socialise with family and friends but I returned craving a few quiet days to recover!

The children and I took the ferry to Manly where we visited the beach, Manly Hospital where I worked previously and walked past the little home that we used to live in 5 years ago.  We caught up with Heather who helped me toddler wrangle on the return ferry trip during witching hour!

While exploring a new playground and water park we met James (3 months), son of Jo and Shane.  Miss Jo has been a frequent traveling companion over the past 10 years.  Hugo looked positively huge, when did my baby get so big?  James was very smiley and relaxed as were his parents.

Andrew watched with disappointment as Collingwood were defeated in the AFL Grand Final.  The children supported him with black and white but it didn’t help.

We spent a rainy day riding on the Monorail, Eva’s train in the sky, and visiting the Sydney Aquarium.  Both had all day tickets so we took advantage of the close proximity and went back to the hotel for a sleep to recharge our batteries for more exploring.  We loved seeing and learning about the dugong and watched shark and fish feeding.

We took in the sights from the ferry and lunched in The Rocks before heading to Balmain to catch up with Nic and Hayley.  Uncle Nic has a fantastic playground near his house where Eva used up lots of energy playing with two willing assistants.  Eva enjoyed playing Uncle Nic’s keyboard and went out to her first Sushi Train.

On the last morning we enjoyed coffee and cake with my Aunty Jude who was then able to help me to get organised to get to the plane.  I then survived the plane ride home solo with two cherubs to keep happy.  Hugo spent time in the bassinet while I had a snack and Eva was pretty good despite not having a day sleep.

Any trip on a ferry resulted in sightings of multiple modes of transportation. Water taxi, plane, helicopter, sea plane, bus, train, car, cruise ship, naval ship with a helicopter on the back and of course lots of other ferries.  A toddler’s delight!

I’m so pleased that we made the effort to join Daddy in Sydney.  It certainly made the last two weeks without him shorter.  I am looking forward to a few months at home without travel for the children and I.  We are delighted to have Daddy home now.