Celebrating Babywearing

We love wearing our babies, small and big.  It has been our saving grace on many occasions that they will settle in a sling while we hold them close.  Especially now with two small people having one so close and portable is ideal.

Last year I talked about Eva’s progression through different types of carriers.  This year it is of course mostly Hugo who has been worn by us.  In fact he was several months old before he went in the pram as I just found wearing him so convenient with a busy toddler to chase.

Little Hugo in June

Babywearing has kept Hugo close to us, settled and calm and has saved us investing in a double stroller.  When Eva escapes (frequently) all I have to do is follow with Hugo on me not worry about a pram to push.

Potentially escaping toddler tethered to mama with sleeping baby in sling

We love having Hugo close to us when asleep but also we he is alert and awake and enjoying his high vantage point for exploring the world.

On a couple of occasions Andrew has worn Eva in the Boba while I had Hugo in the Kari-me wrap.  There are lots of times when stroller free is just so much easier, especially traveling and markets.

Eva in the Boba at 2 years and 10 months

When Hugo came along we invested in a gorgeous ring sling which has been great around the house for it’s quick application in times of need.  Also the ability to remove it from the wearer with a sleeping baby inside and just lower them down to sleep has been handy.

I must say though I am not convinced about the comfort of ring slings for longer periods of wear with the weight on one shoulder.  Also I didn’t like to use it when I needed to be lifting Eva (car, trolley, playgrounds) as I just didn’t feel that he was secure enough with a toddler in hand as well.

We have been out to dinner at the restaurant of a 5 star hotel with a sleeping baby snuggled into the sling.  Now of course he’s a little bigger and would be too interested to sleep!

Out to Dinner in July

Up until a recent trip to Sydney Hugo was comfortable in the Kari-me with it’s broad fabric covering my shoulders but these past two weeks I have enjoyed him in the Boba soft structured carrier.

Eva has even gotten into the swing of things wearing her baba now and then.

I certainly wouldn’t have survived my motherhood without babywearing and I am passionate about the benefits for the wearer and the baby.  It takes some skill and practice but the rewards are overwhelming.

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