Hugo’s Seven Month Birthday

What a month of changes it has been for this gorgeous boy.  He is looking so much more grown up and loves to chat away and socialise.

Andrew was based in Sydney for work so we took the opportunity to visit him, socialise with family and friends and sightsee.  I managed two flights with two children on my own.  Both flights Hugo had the use of a bassinet which gave me a little free time.  Hugo enjoyed Sydney because he got lots of cuddles either in the sling or with family and friends.

Sliding with Uncle Nic in Sydney

Just this week he has perfected rolling from his front to his back. Usually this is with a toy in hand to further explore.  He is beginning to elevate his bottom and attempt to scoot forwards on his tummy.  I am not ready for a moving boy yet!

Hugo is getting better at his baby push ups with straight arms more often.  He is very good at “flying” (lifting all limbs off the ground while on his tummy).

There have been a few glimpses of Summer weather this month so Hugo has enjoyed being outdoors exploring the grass and watching his sister with envy.

Hugo has started swimming lessons as well which he is loving.  It makes for a busy Saturday morning for us!

We can’t wait to see what the month ahead holds for us.  I’m guessing that there will be lots of changes for our little boy.


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