Fun with Gran and Pop

Eva has had two really fun, extra special outings with Gran and Pop (Andrew’s parents) in recent months.  Her enthusiastic grandparents took their three eldest grandchildren to the Royal Show and a Wiggles concert.  Aren’t they keen?

In September at the show they visited the sheep pavilion where Gran’s Uncle Ivan, who was visiting from Tasmania, was a judge.  Eva enjoyed her first show rides and came home with a  show bag.  Such an exciting day it was that Eva survived without a day sleep.

Recently they had a very special trip to see The Wiggles perform.  By all accounts Eva loved the singing and music, dancing along to the songs.  I have many fond memories of going to musical/theatre performances with my mum so I’m glad that Eva has these opportunities too.

Eva of course loved the all day outings with her cousins Amelia (7) and Nathaniel (4) whom she adores.

Thanks to Gran and Pop for such special adventures for a very lucky Eva.

Hugo’s Nine Month Birthday

Hugo is moving!  This has to be the key difference this month. Everyday he gets faster, braver and stronger. Going further distances on all fours and investigating all corners of the room he is in.

Tasty number

Oh how my life is getting busier.  Just a week ago I could leave him in the lounge room and know that he would be playing happily.  Now I need to watch him as he makes a beeline for the fireplace with it’s small yet enticing step.

This month Andrew spent 2.5 weeks in Vietnam for a study tour.  While he was away I showed the children some videos that he had prepared for them.  Hugo waved his arms happily while watching them.  Hugo was delighted to see Daddy in person upon his return.

Nanny (Marnie’s mum) recently stayed for a week so he enjoyed extra cuddles with her and loved showing off his new moving skills.

Hugo has started with the occasional “Da, Da” and “Ba, Ba”.  Usually as part of his increased vocalising when he is tired.  This month he is also beginning to follow his food  when he drops it. His eating is going well and we are still enjoying the baby led weaning.

No longer content with rattles while lying on his back Hugo happily investigates the options in his toy basket and the toy shelf.  The banging of the toys as he pulls them down is of course the best bit.

Hugo’s swimming lessons have now finished for the term and he loved every minute of them.  He happily goes underwater and enjoys our play swims with Eva.

The past few nights have seen a very unsettled Hugo, much to his parent’s dismay (they miss their sleep).  Sadly he has not settled easily with cuddles or feeds just needs to be held while he gets it out of his system. Of course there are a myriad of guesses as to why.  My most favourite is teeth!  His gums are red and look like they are about to burst but it could be the new mobility status or just needing to be near his mama.  Regardless we just hope that the pattern changes tonight as we are desperate for a decent rest.  Hopefully with an adjustment at the chiropractor today we are on the right track.

Hugo has just developed so much this month and I can see him just zooming through the Christmas season with lots of attention from loving family.  It is with great excitement that we approach Hugo’s First Christmas in just a few days.

A Christmas Wreath


It seems that I am finding some creative side to me that has remained dormant until now.  I think that my inspiration comes from the combination of simple and achievable crafts at MOPS fortnightly and a preschooler in the house.

There are lots of great ideas out there.  One which I remembered from last year was this tutorial and decided that it sounded easy enough to follow.  I checked with my very friendly and crafty neighbour to borrow some supplies then had a shopping trip to Spotlight to collect the rest of my materials.


I had an Eva free afternoon while she had fun at the Wiggles concert with Gran and Pop so what better activity to do than make a wreath whilst ignoring the demands of the house.

While doing a lot of cutting (with a rotary cutter for the first time) and a lot of gluing (with a hot glue gun for the first time) I had fun.  The repetition was quite therapeutic!

I couldn’t bear to hang it on the front door and not see it often.  Instead I decided that it filled the space above the mantel nicely.


I am delighted with the final product and feel very proud of myself.  I am really enjoying it’s addition to our lounge room.  Luckily Christmas is associated with red, my favourite colour!

More Fun Advent Activities

Otherwise titled using a toddler as an excuse to search the internet and find fun activities to do!

We had fun using more toilet paper rolls to create a Nativity scene that little hands (and mouths) can play with.

It required printing (by Mummy), colouring in, cutting and pasting.  I did spread it over several days as I knew Eva’s concentration wasn’t going to last all 16 pieces in one sitting. Of course Eva loved tell me “I do it!”.  Her love of Clag glue is cute.

This week Hugo has decided that moving is fun and this was the first activity where Eva realised that it’s not going to be fun to be interrupted by Hugo.

Eva is very proud of her final Nativity scene complete with camels for the wise men and a stable for baby Jesus.

Another daily countdown as well as our Advent Calendar is a birthday cake for Jesus.

Another activity from our Advent calendar was to shop for and donate a gift for a child to the Uniting Care Tree at Target.  Eva seemed to enjoy shopping for another 3 year old girl.  Eva hoped that this girl could come and play in her cubby house!

Here’s a couple of clever videos that you might enjoy:

Oh it’s so much fun preparing for the birth of Jesus with a little person who’s so enthusiastic about anything I suggest.

Fun with Nanny

Last week Nanny (Marnie’s Mum) was here for the week to help out and keep us company while Andrew is away in Vietnam.  Eva and Hugo speak to Nanny and Grandpa in Canberra via Skype most days so they are certainly familiar with them.

Eva had eyes only for Nanny throughout the week. One of the Advent calendar activities was an outing with Mummy however Eva said “No I go with Nanny”.  Oh well Mummy had Hugo time.


Nanny did lots of craft activities including making the puppets that they had just seen being made on Playschool.  Eva was in her element.  The puppets went to bed with her the first night!


Hugo started moving around last week.  All of a sudden it just clicked and he is now into everything.  No more leaving him in one place.  His rolling from back to front became so efficient over the course of the week.

We were certainly very blessed to have Nanny to help run the household but most importantly to spend time with her youngest grandchildren.

Celebrating Advent

Now that we are the proud parents of a 3-year-old there are many excuses for some celebration and craftiness.  This year we are celebrating the Advent season with a calendar starting to focus on the arrival of Christmas Day from the start of December.  Actually that makes it a Countdown instead of Advent Calendar but 24 numbers were enough for me this year!

I was inspired by this post which linked to this tutorial which I modelled for our lovely calendar.  I was helped by my good friend Gabriel who taught me that craft is about the uniqueness of the piece so I didn’t need worry about the patterning of the shapes and materials.  Lucky I had her otherwise it would have taken a lot longer!

I got to do purposeful shopping at Spotlight, use pinking shears and talk a lot while being somewhat creative. What more could I look for in a project?

Each day has a Bible verse graciously printed from here.  There is also an activity for each day including making a toilet paper nativity scene, colouring sheets and whatever activity was already in our diary for that day!

Now it hangs across our fireplace and Eva takes out the verse each day and finds out the activity.  It’s fun to build the anticipation of Jesus’ birthday.

The moral of the story is that it’s lucky that there are lots of creative people out there and an internet to connect with them, a friend with spare time to share and a collection of toilet rolls to bring this project to life in our lounge room!

Stay tuned for another craft project in the next few days.  Please ignore the dirty dishes as I spend my free time searching for projects then attempting them!