Fun with Nanny

Last week Nanny (Marnie’s Mum) was here for the week to help out and keep us company while Andrew is away in Vietnam.  Eva and Hugo speak to Nanny and Grandpa in Canberra via Skype most days so they are certainly familiar with them.

Eva had eyes only for Nanny throughout the week. One of the Advent calendar activities was an outing with Mummy however Eva said “No I go with Nanny”.  Oh well Mummy had Hugo time.


Nanny did lots of craft activities including making the puppets that they had just seen being made on Playschool.  Eva was in her element.  The puppets went to bed with her the first night!


Hugo started moving around last week.  All of a sudden it just clicked and he is now into everything.  No more leaving him in one place.  His rolling from back to front became so efficient over the course of the week.

We were certainly very blessed to have Nanny to help run the household but most importantly to spend time with her youngest grandchildren.


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