A Christmas Wreath


It seems that I am finding some creative side to me that has remained dormant until now.  I think that my inspiration comes from the combination of simple and achievable crafts at MOPS fortnightly and a preschooler in the house.

There are lots of great ideas out there.  One which I remembered from last year was this tutorial and decided that it sounded easy enough to follow.  I checked with my very friendly and crafty neighbour to borrow some supplies then had a shopping trip to Spotlight to collect the rest of my materials.


I had an Eva free afternoon while she had fun at the Wiggles concert with Gran and Pop so what better activity to do than make a wreath whilst ignoring the demands of the house.

While doing a lot of cutting (with a rotary cutter for the first time) and a lot of gluing (with a hot glue gun for the first time) I had fun.  The repetition was quite therapeutic!

I couldn’t bear to hang it on the front door and not see it often.  Instead I decided that it filled the space above the mantel nicely.


I am delighted with the final product and feel very proud of myself.  I am really enjoying it’s addition to our lounge room.  Luckily Christmas is associated with red, my favourite colour!

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