Hugo’s Nine Month Birthday

Hugo is moving!  This has to be the key difference this month. Everyday he gets faster, braver and stronger. Going further distances on all fours and investigating all corners of the room he is in.

Tasty number

Oh how my life is getting busier.  Just a week ago I could leave him in the lounge room and know that he would be playing happily.  Now I need to watch him as he makes a beeline for the fireplace with it’s small yet enticing step.

This month Andrew spent 2.5 weeks in Vietnam for a study tour.  While he was away I showed the children some videos that he had prepared for them.  Hugo waved his arms happily while watching them.  Hugo was delighted to see Daddy in person upon his return.

Nanny (Marnie’s mum) recently stayed for a week so he enjoyed extra cuddles with her and loved showing off his new moving skills.

Hugo has started with the occasional “Da, Da” and “Ba, Ba”.  Usually as part of his increased vocalising when he is tired.  This month he is also beginning to follow his food  when he drops it. His eating is going well and we are still enjoying the baby led weaning.

No longer content with rattles while lying on his back Hugo happily investigates the options in his toy basket and the toy shelf.  The banging of the toys as he pulls them down is of course the best bit.

Hugo’s swimming lessons have now finished for the term and he loved every minute of them.  He happily goes underwater and enjoys our play swims with Eva.

The past few nights have seen a very unsettled Hugo, much to his parent’s dismay (they miss their sleep).  Sadly he has not settled easily with cuddles or feeds just needs to be held while he gets it out of his system. Of course there are a myriad of guesses as to why.  My most favourite is teeth!  His gums are red and look like they are about to burst but it could be the new mobility status or just needing to be near his mama.  Regardless we just hope that the pattern changes tonight as we are desperate for a decent rest.  Hopefully with an adjustment at the chiropractor today we are on the right track.

Hugo has just developed so much this month and I can see him just zooming through the Christmas season with lots of attention from loving family.  It is with great excitement that we approach Hugo’s First Christmas in just a few days.

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