Fun with Gran and Pop

Eva has had two really fun, extra special outings with Gran and Pop (Andrew’s parents) in recent months.  Her enthusiastic grandparents took their three eldest grandchildren to the Royal Show and a Wiggles concert.  Aren’t they keen?

In September at the show they visited the sheep pavilion where Gran’s Uncle Ivan, who was visiting from Tasmania, was a judge.  Eva enjoyed her first show rides and came home with a  show bag.  Such an exciting day it was that Eva survived without a day sleep.

Recently they had a very special trip to see The Wiggles perform.  By all accounts Eva loved the singing and music, dancing along to the songs.  I have many fond memories of going to musical/theatre performances with my mum so I’m glad that Eva has these opportunities too.

Eva of course loved the all day outings with her cousins Amelia (7) and Nathaniel (4) whom she adores.

Thanks to Gran and Pop for such special adventures for a very lucky Eva.


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