Welcome Twenty Twelve

Well, here we are.  January, again.  This time last year we were enjoying a beach holiday with the extended Hodges family.

Since then, some amazing things have happened.

Hugo was born in March.  God blessed us with a son with a genial attitude who is coming along in leaps and bounds after his early arrival at 33 weeks.  He is now mobile and thinks that pulling up on furniture is the best trick ever.  Slow down little one!

Eva transformed from a toddler to a little girl.  She has grown taller but not gained much weight and remains little for her age.  She speaks clearly and thoughtfully… and incessantly.  Eva is starting pre-school in February and it very excited about this next big girl adventure.

Andrew has continued in his busy and challenging role as Regional Revenue Manager (Victoria and Tasmania) for Accor Hotels.  Also the past year has found him busy with study in International Development which included a study tour to Vietnam last month.  Study finishes in March and we are all looking forward to that!

I have had a somewhat difficult year with a challenging pregnancy, a premature birth and the new dynamic of two children to care for.  However the rewards are great but I do hope to find more enjoyment in my mothering journey in 2012.  I am keeping myself busy  as I become assistant co-ordinator at MOPS,  join the committee at Eva’s pre-school and run a monthly support group for Life’s Little Treasures.

May 2012 treat you kindly, bring you joy and laughter, challenges and successes.


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