Slow Down Little One

It seems to have been a wonder week(s) for Hugo. Please God just let him slow down a little for his mama who wants to enjoy all his babyness a little longer.

During the Christmas/New Year holidays Hugo really worked on his crawling.  We literally watched him get more confident and faster as the week progressed.  He now has this lovely tiger like prowl about his crawl which I love.  Not the speed crawling yet but the considered “where will I attack next?” crawl.

This crawling competence has found him in every corner of the room discovering all sorts of interesting things.  Any step to climb up, no matter the size, is a great find. He can stop mid crawl, balance on three limbs and pick a toy up to inspect.

This past week he has upped the ante with any higher surface to pull himself up on being the bees knees to find.  This has led to many a sad face after a fall directly backwards when no one was nearby to catch!

Today he topped this by standing up by himself and even decided to let go with one hand! Really, can’t he just slow down a little.

This week also saw Hugo’s first tooth (finally) make a grand appearance. There was torturous screaming at 5am after a couple of weeks of unsettled nights so we are glad that there is now something to show for it!  As you can see in the photo we anticipate a couple more to quickly follow.

Eva cut her first tooth in January 2010 also at Andrew’s parents house (where we are  house sitting).

Hugo 9 months - Eva 14 months

Here is a shot with Hugo and Andrew showing off their sitting abilities on the day of their first tooth coming through.  Aren’t they cute?

Hugo 9 months - Andrew 8 months (March 1977)

Hugo has been having lots of fun mastering feeding himself with the spoon. It’s amazing to watch him work out that there is food on there and which end to put into his mouth.


This progress is both exciting and sad for me.  Exciting as we marvel at God’s creation which is clearly demonstrated in Hugo learning all these new skills for himself and building on his knowledge with each new attempt.  Sad as I want my baby to be a baby for just a bit longer.

There are posts about Christmas and holidays coming but this was all too much fun and had to interrupt my (lagging) schedule.


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