Christmas Celebration 2011

Here is a quick round-up of how we celebrated the Birth of Jesus – only a month late!  This year we celebrated in Melbourne on Christmas Eve and Canberra on Christmas Day.  It was lovely to be able to share special time with both families to enjoy Hugo’s first Christmas.

On the 23rd we went to a live Nativity performance at the same church as last year.  It was hot in the afternoon sun but it was a great retelling of the Christmas story complete with live donkey, stable animals and a very life-like baby Jesus.  We then retreated inside to the cool to hear a captivating story teller who even included Hugo as baby Jesus!  There was some craft activities but they didn’t really capture Eva’s attention as much as the playdough.

On Christmas Eve we celebrated with a delicious brunch at Gran and Pop’s house with the whole family waking up in the same house.  We suspect that Eva and Amelia (7) had a very social night sharing a bedroom for the first time.  Hugo had a bad night’s “sleep” but after a sleep in and some nourishing food we were ready for celebrations.

Five Grandchildren - Melbourne

In the afternoon we flew to Canberra.  Both children were very unsettled overnight and neither were very well on Christmas Day.  Mama and Dada were weary after a very interrupted sleep for the second night in a row!

Both children enjoyed discovering new things to love and play with.

We went to Nanny’s church to celebrate the Birth of Christ including a visit to the Nativity set up in the church for a quick rendition of Happy Birthday Jesus.

Lunch was a feast at my sister’s house followed by a refreshing dip in the pool.  As is the way with Christmas we finished the day with full tummies and full hearts.

As is always the case for me in the lead up to big events I can’t help but reflect on this time 3 years ago when we were just about believing that this tiny little girl really was ours and was going to come home with us (eventually).  I love Christmas carols and whilst doing kangaroo care with Eva I used to sing them to her.  During Advent whenever she needed a cuddle I held her close and sung to her again.  We are so blessed to have this vibrant scooter riding girl with us to celebrate in 2011.

Christmas 2008 - 2011


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