Hugo’s Eleven Month Birthday

I feel like in the blink of an eye a month has disappeared before me!  My handsome boy is nearly one!

This month Hugo has enjoyed pushing a trolley around the house (or being pushed by Eva), improving his crawling speed, did lots of standing practice and thankfully not as much cruising around the furniture as we had anticipated.  He is slowing to a more tolerable pace with his development.

The falls and crashes are just as frequent with the gums of both front teeth being bruised on different days this month.  Who knows what colour the teeth are going to come through?!  A third bottom tooth popped through this month.

It’s been a busy month for our household but with the focus mainly being on activities for his big sister.  With back to school activities starting and a few busy weeks with mama’s activites too Hugo has been just tagging along.  Fortunately he is great at tagging along, so calm and tolerant.

Hugo just adores his big sister with a laugh that he saves just for her.  He just wants to join in all of her activities although he not always welcome.

It’s the countdown to Hugo’s 1st Birthday now and as usual I am revisiting the events of a year ago already.  Hopefully it will be a calm month ahead.


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