Hugo’s Twelve Month Birthday

It’s been a hectic month and I want to write this all down before too much time elapses.

This month Hugo has:

♥ gained 4 new teeth across the top

♥ learned to sit from crawling

♥ visited my lovely hometown for a brief weekend ♥ became very proficient at stair climbing ♥ discovered a love for power cords, heater vents, unpacking anything and found Eva’s markers

♥ developed a funny face that makes everyone laugh

♥ and celebrated his dedication at church

Is it any wonder I feel tired?!

Happy Birthday Hugo!

On this day a year ago we became parents of a beautiful baby boy.

He his gentle and calm unless his teeth are piercing through then he is angry and grumpy.

He is tolerant of anything that his big sister does to him and adores her constantly.

He pulls himself up on everything but isn’t yet ready to walk.

He loves to climb steps and thinks that he is very clever when he gets to the top yet again.

He finds power cords and any electrical appliance fascinating.

He loves swimming and pulling the contents from any basket or box.

He has seven teeth (and each one has been hard earned).

He is inquisitive and cheeky which I foresee will get him into all sorts of trouble.

He has completed our family and is a gift from God.

And today he is one.

Happy First Birthday Hugo Robert!

A Little Reflection

Twelve months ago I was admitted to hospital for what we hoped was a few more weeks continuing to grow our second child.  Of course he didn’t wait that long.

Today I remember what it was like to spend that night away from both Andrew and Eva, something that I had never done before.

Today I did lots of fussing over Hugo who seems to be working on another top tooth.

Today we were preparing for a celebration tomorrow for a special boy.

Oh how hard are these teeth!

I will say it again that I really think that God needs to work on a better design for teeth.  The erupting through the gums in very slow increments is just painful for all concerned.

Two of the teeth coming through

Hugo has been very busy pushing through 3 top teeth this past week.  This bout of teething came straight on top of a week of illness from both Eva and Hugo.  Both of them were up, on different nights, with fevers all night and needing lots of cuddles.

Unhappy Hugo

Thus I am tired and would really like a window of sleep.  I getting pretty good at being sleep deprived but it’s the screaming/unsettled all night leading to all day fogginess in my brain and lots of wasted time that really gets me down.  I know it comes with the territory of children and it’s a short phase but it’s still hard right now.

There has been lots of wearing Hugo especially on my back just to get some food sorted.  Thank goodness for the Boba carrier! We have just been for an adjustment at the chiropractor so I can only hope that it helps for tonight.

Peeking up from the Boba

Luckily there has been moments of cuteness from Hugo in between the broken sleep and whining.  I guess I’ll keep him for now.  But I reckon we should cancel all further orders for teeth. He doesn’t need more than this, does he?

Happy Hugo