We Wore Blue Today

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. The idea is to bring more attention to the condition and help give a voice to the millions of individuals who are undiagnosed, misunderstood or looking for help.

“Autism is a complex, lifelong disability.  People with Autism share the core features of social and communication difficulties, narrow interests and repetitive behaviours.  Despite having difficulties in these same core areas, no two people with Autism are the same.”  From Autism Queensland

Today we wore blue to raise awareness and show our support for people and their families and friends living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Note that even Gerry Giraffe had to be dressed in blue!

We have beautiful friends, Lauren and Scott who don’t live close but are a great support to us in our times of need.  They have a gorgeous daughter Ashlea who has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers.  Lauren has written a very eloquent post about life with Ashlea here.

Of course there are many other people that we are wearing blue for but Ashlea was who I talked with Eva about today.  Eva prayed for Ashlea at bedtime today in an innocent childlike way.  She asked God to make Ashlea feel well – don’t we all want that.

Thinking of you today Lauren, Scott, Ashlea, Sophie and Max.

At the end of a long day with all of us in Blue

PS Wednesday 4th April is Wear Green for Premmies Day (Yes I know everything has a “day” these days) so maybe you’ll all join us and wear green?!


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