Hugo’s Dedication

Last month we celebrated Hugo’s dedication at our church.  A dedication is part of the church service where family, friends and congregation members pray for and offer support for the parents of the child.

The Church of Christ believe that when people are old enough to understand what it means to put their faith and trust in Jesus  they should have the opportunity to make that choice for themselves.

Instead ONE Community Church, where we worship, offers the parents prayer and support to guide their child to a decision of baptism in the future.  There is a more eloquent explanation here.

We were overwhelmed when Rod, the minister, asked people to come and surround us and pray with him for the strength and guidance that we will need to raise Hugo to be Christlike.  So many people came and showed us their support with their presence.  We are truly blessed as are Eva and Hugo.

After the service we had lunch to celebrate Hugo’s dedication.  We squeezed in a First Birthday Cake too while we had lots of people to serenade Hugo.

Thanks to all who celebrated Hugo’s precious life with us.  Special thanks to Rod for supporting and encouraging us and Darren for capturing the moment for us.


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