Hugo’s First Birthday

Our beautiful boy enjoyed lots of attention and was joyful for his first birthday on March 21st.  It was a fun day.

Taken at 9.34am, exactly a year old

There was a gorgeous sunrise to start the day, so fitting for our gorgeous boy.  Hugo also showed me his funny face so that I could capture it finally.

Nanny and Grandpa were staying here so after dropping Eva to preschool we took Hugo for a swing at the park and a birthday morning tea at a cafe.

We had a special birthday lunch of sausage rolls and cupcakes.  Hugo enjoyed practicing his pincer grip with cupcake crumbs.

After taking Nanny and Grandpa to the airport for their return to Canberra we had a fun afternoon playing in the backyard.

Gran and Pop joined us for a take-away pizza dinner (bad mummy didn’t even give Hugo a home-cooked meal for turning one) which Hugo devoured.  And of course another round of singing “Happy Birthday” with cupcakes.

Unfortunately Andrew had to be in Tasmania for work so he missed out on the fun which everyone was sad about.  Next year will have to be extra special.

Hugo was very loved on his first birthday and we all enjoyed celebrating such a wonderful milestone with him.


One thought on “Hugo’s First Birthday

  1. Congratulations on your first birthday Hugo! What a special day – you have had an incredibly big year and you have such a wonderful mummy and big sister watching over you! Can’t wait to see how big you get and all the mischief you will get into this coming year!

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