Happy Easter – Jesus is Risen

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday yesterday.

Eva woke up to discover that Jesus had risen from the tomb and the angels had arrived.  On Good Friday Eva had nailed Jesus to the cross and then later placed him in the tomb.  Although she doesn’t understand the meaning of it all, Eva grasps a little of the Easter story. (Thanks to this printable Resurrection Scene)

Eva also woke up to some eggs which she enjoyed smashing apart and snacking on.

It was a lovely day here in Canberra with a late afternoon church service with Grandma and a yummy roast dinner shared with family.

Eva’s last two weeks at pre-school they had an activity with chickens being incubated, hatched and reared in their classroom.  Eva got to watch some chicks pick through the eggs and see them all cute and fluffy the week after.

In preparation for Easter we did some Easter craft.  I always find these ideas and think that it will be so much fun, I am a sucker for hand print art.  Then I am in the middle of the activity and I question my sanity!  I am always delighted with the end result however.

You'll have to imagine the donkey's head on the right hand side!

We hope that you have had a wonderful time with family as you celebrate the joy of God’s love for us.


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